In this The Voice Season 2 sneak peek video, the judges fight for contestant Lindsey Pavao. If you’re already chomping at the bit for Sunday to come along so you can start watching Season 2 of The Voice, the preview below is going to make you even more impatient.

The suspense is tangible as soon as Lindsey Pavao’s voice breaks the silence with an original version of  Trey Songz‘ ‘Say Ahh.’ Her voice has a nice tone and a great pitch. With her hair buzzed on one side and long on the other, Pavao seems to naturally possess a certain confidence past contestants have had to develop.

Christina Aguilera turns around first, looking pleased at what she sees in Pavao — then Cee Lo Green, then Blake Shelton. When the song stops and the crowd’s cheering subsides, Shelton is the first up to sell the young talent on Team Blake.

“Linsdey, I love your voice,” he says. “And your hair is bada—. There’s elements in your voice — and I’m trying to think of the girl’s name — Fiona Apple? Is that the right? Is that an influence of yours?” When Pavao says it is, Aguilera chimes in that she, too, is a big Fiona Apple fan. “But I’m the only one that said it,” Shelton counters.

“I was listening so closely, and the next thing I know it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh. This girl is so unique,’” he adds. “And I can hear some of those different influences in your voice, and I think you’re beautiful.”

After the other judges argue for their teams with their playful back-and-forth banter, Pavao gets indecisive in the face of such a decision.

“You’re all so amazing, and I can’t even believe that I’m subjected to such a decision, but uh, I’m gonna go with uh …” The crowd cheers over her.

Tune in to ‘The Voice’ season premiere on Sunday, Feb. 5 on NBC right after the Super Bowl to see who Lindsey chooses!.


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