We said goodbye to the Voice Blinds tonight on The Voice 2019. Yes, the teams are complete for The Voice Season 16 and we are now ready to take on the Voice Battles! Before that happens, we need to see what artists took those final spots on The Voice coaches 2019 teams! Check out what went down tonight in our The Voice 2019 Recap below!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Blinds Night 6 Recap

Last week on The Voice Season 16, NBC only gave us one night of the Voice Blinds. Not sure why they skipped Tuesday night, but we only got to see artists on Monday night and they filled the two hours with quite a few artists. They gave us some quick looks at some of the artists, but the night ended with a middle school teacher making his way to the stage and earning that four-chair turnaround! Shawn Sounds got a lot of love from the judges and ended up picking John Legend and giving him the four-chair turnaround victory!

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The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2019 Season 16 blind auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


Celia Babini

She said she has always wanted to do music. Her parents are both artists, as her father is a photographer and her mother is a fashion designer. She was always around models growing up, so it made her incredibly insecure. Music was her outlet. Her voice is awesome and she has that singer/songwriter vibe going on. The coaches love her too, as she gets all four coaches to turn for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said she has such a power. Her range and storytelling. Blake said her performance literally captivated him and he thinks she is a champ. Kelly said she tweeted about this song and it’s so rad. Adam said it is his dream for her to win The Voice and it’s time for someone like her to win.

RESULTS – She had a choice of all four coaches, but Celia picked to join Team Adam!

Cecily Hennigan

She is 16 years old and had a video go viral in which she sang her order through the drive thru. She made it on the Steve Harvey show and the Today Show. Cecily is pumped to have John Legend here and thinks it would be amazing to work with him. Her voice is so smooth and mature, even though she is 16 years old. She is very solid and gets Blake to turn around for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said what in the hell just happened? Adam said we are all losing our minds right now and she is awesome. John said her voice is developed beyond her years. Kelly said that was a rad pick and excited to see what she will do with Blake. Blake said he doesn’t know if she knows what she is capable of vocally.

RESULTS – Blake was shocked, but he is the only one to turn around and she joins Team Blake on The Voice Season 16!

Kalvin Jarvis

He seems to have a lot of energy (maybe too much coffee). He is an assistant manager at an iHop and his mom happens to be the manager! His dad is actually a rapper and Kalvin went to a lot of his rap battles. Kalvin actual takes on a John Legend song for his audition, but he said with Kalvin Jarvis on it. No luck with John, but Adam and Kelly hit for him.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said he is so good and his runs flowed and it was sexy. The highs were good, but the lows were like okay. John said he did a fantastic job and he’s probably too picky on his own song. Adam said he is ridiculous and John may have been his best option for a coach, but Adam is second best. Blake said it threw him for a loop when John didn’t hit his button.

RESULTS – Kalvin picks to join Team Adam!

Ava August

She is the youngest person to ever audition for The Voice, as she turned 13 years old last August. She is the only one musically in her family and often hits those streets to sing with her guitar making tips. Blake and Kelly were saying she was dramatic when singing. She seems to be all over the place with her voice and I think she needs more time, as no coaches turn for her.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly is shocked when she heard she was 13 years old and she’s mad. Adam said there were some issues with over-styling things. John said her voice is very powerful and just refine how she uses her instrument.

RESULTS – No coaches turned for her, so Ava is headed home.

David Owens

This has been a big year for him, as he got married, a new job and had a baby boy. He started singing in church and it moved to singing in the choir and musical theater. He hung up his microphone to focus on work and a stable life, but here he is now. His voice is very good and powerful. He hits a big note and Kelly can’t hold it in anymore, as she hits her button and is shocked when no one else joins her.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said he may have been too nit picky, but he’s an excellent singer. Kelly said they are all nuts and him doing that song totally made it his own. He had a roundness to his voice that you can’t teach.

RESULTS – Kelly is the only one to hit her button, so he joins Team Kelly!

Presley Tennant

She said she is more of a tomboy, as we see her riding an ATV in the desert! She was part of a girl band, which she got to meet the lead singer of Boyz II Men and Kelly Rowland. The audition starts a little slow for me and I am not sure. However, Kelly hits her button and it seems to ignite Presley, as she brings it all out then.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said they are insane. That is Demi Lovato and some big ol’ range. John said she picked a difficult song and she sounded good in the higher areas. Kelly said having that low to pull from is insane and that is a mighty range.

RESULTS – It’s all Kelly again, so she joins Team Kelly on The Voice 2019!

Rod Stokes

He said that people see him and think that he is a country singer through and through. He said he does sing country, but he is also gospel and soul and he’s more like a male Kelly Clarkson. His dad owned a construction business and got a staph infection, so he had to come home to help run the business. However, it made him pursue his music more, but he’s never been out of the church to sing. He has that raspy sound to his voice and his nerves definitely seem to be working, but he hits some great notes. Adam turns early on, but he gets John and Blake to join eventually.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said he sounded incredible and loved the gravel in his voice. He had so much power and range. Adam said he is so special and he does it with this effortless soulfulness and he was blown away. He wants to be a part of it really bad. Blake said his voice is shocking. It’s got personality and depth. He knew it was going somewhere and he wanted to hear it and would be honored to compete his team.

RESULTS – The fellas were fighting for him, but Rod picks to join Team Blake, which is now complete for the Voice Blinds!

Calista Garcia

She considers herself to be a modern day hippie. Her mother is an attorney and her dad was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy under Obama, so very serious jobs considering she wants to be a rocker. She wants this to show that music is truly her path in life. She has this sound to her voice and I love it. I love the song choice and it has all the coaches dancing in their seats. I love her, but no coaches turned for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he loves that song so much. John said he was jamming. Adam said pocket should be her number one priority. John said she has a powerful voice and she did a cool version of the song. Kelly said the strength in her voice almost became her weakness.

RESULTS – No coaches turned for her, so Calista is headed home.

Andrew Jannakos

He said The Voice is special, as they don’t know what you look like and sometimes you can surprise them. This will be a surprise for us too, as they never show his face. He comes out and has a strong country voice and the coaches are so giddy that Blake can’t get him. Kelly and Adam hit their button and are shocked, as he has his glasses and looks like a hipster nerd almost!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said his team is full. Kelly said she loves it, as they have a chance. She loves his voice sounds old school country and she loved it. Adam said he loved his presence and it doesn’t sound affected. He has no country singers on his team. Blake said there is a glaringly obvious reason no country singers go to Team Adam. Adam said he is truly great, regardless of what genre he wants to go for.

RESULTS – They both want him, but he picks to join Team Adam, whose team is now complete also!

Kayslin Victoria

She started singing when she was 9 years old. Her mom is a singer, so she inspired her. She definitely seems to be leaning towards Kelly or John, so good thing they are the only ones still left! Her voice seems shaky and young and I didn’t think we would see either coach hit for her. However, she gets both John and Kelly to hit their buttons, so we have a battle here!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he would have hit his button, but his team is full and her voice is incredible. Kelly said she felt confident and she loved that most about her. John said he has one more slot on his time and he was so excited to have her as the final spot on his team and they can win together.

RESULTS – She said she can’t go wrong with either of them, but she picks to join Team Legend on The Voice 2019, which is now full!

Maddi Fraser

She works at the oldest children’s bookstore, but is also in a band. Her and her sister would fight over music, but they could always come together for The Beatles. She is very confident on that stage. She has that old rocker voice going on and sounds like Janis Joplin, so probably not good for being her own artist. No luck tonight, as Kelly did not turn for her.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said she loves that rock. She heard a few pitchy things and didn’t think she’d be a good fit for her.

RESULTS – Kelly did not turn, so Maddi is heading home.

Jackson Marlow

Kelly has been waiting for a country male artist to choose her and she has her chance now! He said music is his life and his mom said he was singing before he talked. His uncle is Red Marlow, who was on Team Blake during Season 13 and made the Top 4! He starts singing and has that old school country voice going on. Kelly starts dancing in her chair, as she said she is going to get a male country singer! She does, as she hits her button eventually and is all smiles!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said welcome to The Voice and Kelly has found her Prince Charming. Kelly said he is so worth the wait and she is so excited for this.

RESULTS – He joins Team Kelly and now all the teams are full!

What do you think of tonight’s episode of The Voice 2019? The Voice Battles begin next week!

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