We aren’t slowing down with the Voice Blinds, as NBC gave us another night of blind auditions on The Voice 2019 tonight! The Voice Season 16 coaches (John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine) are putting the finishing touches on their teams, as things are shaping up for this new season of artists. Check out what went down tonight in our The Voice 2019 Recap below!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Blinds Night 5 Recap

Last week on The Voice Season 16, we had two nights of auditions coming at us. On Monday night, the focus of the night seemed to be how Kelly Clarkson could not get any of the guys to join her team. She said it felt like middle school all over again and the guys all turning her down. However, the night ended strong for her, as Jej Vinson picked her during an intense four-chair turnaround! On Tuesday night, we had a four-chair turnaround night and it ended with LB Crew shocking everyone by picking the coach that criticized him!

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Check out The Voice USA Season 16 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances from tonight!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2019 Season 16 blind auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


Beth Griffith-Manley

She is 46 years old and said she’s got Motown in her blood, as her dad was Johnny Griffith and he was one of the Funk Brothers. When you hear “Dancing in the Streets,” that’s her dad. Beth actually toured with Anita Baker for five years as a background singer. She takes on an Aretha Franklin song, as her dad was Aretha’s first piano player! She has a very solid voice and it sounds good, but I am not sure if she can get to those big notes. She gets John and Kelly to turn for her though!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he loves her, but the second John turned around, it was over. John said that is one of his favorite songs and a great song choice and she nailed it. He was so impressed and would love to have her on his team. Kelly said a bold song choice and she nailed it.

RESULTS – Beth picks to join Team Kelly!


She is from South Africa, but living in Florida now. She began working on cruise ships in 2013 and she met her husband on a cruise ship and he’s the one making her do this. He said when she is performing, she lights up a room. He wants a four-chair turnaround and wants her to pick John. She takes on a Macy Gray song and she has that indie-style voice and I love it. She is so strong and she has this tone to her voice that is so good. She has some good range too and gets Adam and Blake to turn for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said she is super cool and that is such a cool song. John said he is excited to see who she chooses. Kelly said her style, she doesn’t sound like anyone on the show. Blake said he’s never been to South Africa. He’s fascinated by her as an artist and he’s a huge fan and would love to be a part of her journey.

RESULTS – Selkii picks to join Team Blake on The Voice 2019!

Jae Jin

He is a Korean soul singer, so he said people don’t expect the voice to come out of him that does when he sings. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness when he was younger, but he ended up doing some experimental treatment and it worked. That is when he knew he had to follow his dreams and that is what brought him to music. He is having fun with the song and hits a big note at the end, but it’s not enough and no coaches turn for him!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he was great. John said he wanted it to feel a little dirtier and it sounded too clean and safe. Blake said he did not feel stank enough, but he’s a good singer.

RESULTS – No coaches turned for him, so he is heading home!

Denton Arnell

He’s been playing the piano since he was 4 years old. He works in his church and actually met his girlfriend through the church. Not only is he auditioning, but he is also going to propose to her today! He has a decent voice, but I am not blown away by it. I wanted a little more, but he gets John to turn around pretty quickly for him. It’s a proposal that went all wrong and awkward, but she said yes!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he’s got a great voice and he’s awesome. John said his tone is wonderful and he was creative with the melody and made it his own.

RESULTS – John was the only one to turn for him, so he joins Team Legend!

Ciera Dumas

She said she is fearless when it comes to her looks and dyed her hair pink when coming to the show. They did superlatives in high school and was voted the person most likely to win The Voice. So, will it come true for her? She has a very good voice and it has some rasp to it in certain parts and even sounds like Kelly at times. She gets John and Adam to turn around for her right away!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said she is spectacular and everything she does screams what this show is all about. John said her voice is really gorgeous and the rasp at the edge of her high range is so good. She has a story to tell and can’t wait for her to tell it on The Voice Season 16. Kelly said she has a really good voice. Blake said cash in on that rasp and shred in her voice, which comes naturally for her.

RESULTS – Ciera picks to join Team Adam!

Andrew Sevener

He said he lives in a very small town and the only thing going through it is the freeway. He started playing a guitar when he was five years old and actually started playing in a band with his parents when he turned 15. He is here tonight, as he’s trying to get his solo career going. He has that country and rock thing going on here. He has a very powerful voice and gets Blake to turn for him.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said she is tired of country artists laughing in her face and choosing Blake. Blake said he could hear the Hank Williams, Jr. in his voice. John said he liked when he played that guitar.

RESULTS – Blake is the only one to turn for him, so he joins Team Blake!


She works the front desk at a salon and also does makeup there. She has never done anything as big as this and as influential. She starts very strong and hits some big notes and she gets all of the coaches but Blake to turn around. As she goes on, she does runs that never seem to end and it just seems like too much.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said it sounded so cool and it was so fluid. John said she comes off as really confident and there could be a connection between the two of them musically. Adam said her tone was great in the beginning and she doesn’t do things the way others do them.

RESULTS – Mari picks to join Team Adam!

Crystal Rose

She has seven siblings and when she was 3 or 4, she was separated from her mother. Their apartment burned down and she did not have the means financially to take care of them all. She went to a children’s home and just found herself missing her mother. Music has always helped her and an escape to express how she was feeling. She has this deep tone to her voice. She has a pretty solid voice and hits some good notes along the way, but no luck tonight, as no coaches turn for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said it’s a tough song and she has to be thinking about tomorrow and to come back again. John said she is wonderful and it’s all about putting it together in a 90-second package. Kelly loved a lot of parts about it. Blake said sorry about this and find a song spending some time beating them up with her voice.

RESULTS – No coaches hit their button for her, so she is eliminated.

Abby Kasch

She started singing in bars at 12 years old, which is when their country star was born. She grew up with an older brother and all boy cousins, so she was a tomboy and breaking bones. She was awkward in high school, as she was gigging on the weekends. She moved to Nashville right after high school. She sings “Here For The Party” and this is a big karaoke song, so maybe a bad song choice? She has great stage presence, but I do feel she needs some work with the voice. She eventually gets Blake and Kelly to hit for her.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said that’s a great song and she loves that ballsy country. Blake said he turned around for excitement and passion and desperation for her to be on his team. Adam said he thinks she’s great. Kelly said she would be more than elated to work with her.

RESULTS – Abby picks to join Team Kelly!

Mikaela Astel

Do we have the next P!nk here? We start with her working on some aerial silks. She is 14 years old, but has been doing this with school and posting YouTube videos. She gets started and has that indie sound to her voice and Kelly hits right away! I love her voice and it’s so freakin’ strong, as she gets John to hit his button also.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said her tone can not be taught and it’s beautiful. It’s so interesting and cool and so different, which is needed in this competition and she won with a 14 year old. John said he loved her tone and she sounded like someone that would stand out.

RESULTS – Mikaela picks to join Team Kelly!

Anthony Ortiz

In his family, everyone skateboards. He got the same feeling he got the first time he skateboarded when he started singing. Adam loved him and hit right away for him, so he joins Team Adam!

RESULTS – He is joining Team Adam on The Voice Season 16.

Oliv Blu

She is singing with a group in Chicago. She was insecure growing up and keeps her pick in her hair to remind herself she is beautiful. A quick look her, as John said she has that Erykah Badu vibe and he was the only one to hit for Oliv!

RESULTS – She is joining Team Legend!

Kayla Seeber

She likes bold colors and patterns, so she stood out in school. She can’t tell you the difference between makeup, but she can tell you about guitars. When she was 17 years old, she wrote a song about liking a girl and it was her coming out. She takes on a Britney Spears and puts a whole new spin on it, as it’s almost a rock song. She has a very deep sound to her voice.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said she is so good and loved the song selection and loved her take on it. John said it was a daring song choice and keep doing what she is doing.

RESULTS – No one turned for her, so she is eliminated tonight.

Shawn Sounds

He is a middle school teacher by day and a rockstar by night. His childhood dream was to be a singer, so music is part of his class, even though he teaches a keyboarding class. He posted a video singing in class a year ago and it went viral, as Snoop Dogg even shared it! He has a good voice and it’s a slow process, but he gets all four coaches to turn around for him!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said he has a solid voice and his runs were beautiful. John said his tone is beautiful and his control voice and he managed a difficult arrangement. That was one of the best ending runs he’s ever heard. Adam said he knows he might be fighting a losing battle here. This dude is an artist and he paints with his voice. Blake said we seem very different, but none of that matters. His job isn’t meant to be like him, but it’s to be the best him.

RESULTS – They all wanted him, but Shawn picks to join Team Legend!

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