Week 2 of the blind auditions on The Voice 2019 have come to an end. The Voice Season 16 coaches (John Legend, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine) are starting to put the finishing touches on their teams and that means the winner of The Voice Season 16 could have been picked tonight! Check out what went down tonight in our The Voice 2019 Recap below!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Blind Auditions Night 4 Recap

Last night on The Voice USA 2019, we began a new week of the Voice Blinds. We had some interesting artists take the stage, as we had a former contestant on American Idol audition, as well as the first-ever father-daughter audition (they both auditioned separately)! We also saw Kelly struggling to get any of the guys to pick her as their coach. That is, until the last artist of the night when Jej Vinson took the stage and got all four coaches to hit their button for him!

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Check out The Voice USA Season 16 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances from tonight!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2019 Season 16 blind auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


Betsy Ade

She said she has a 10-year-old son that means everything to her. She was in a rock band with her brother. She was in a relationship with a woman and they used a donor for her son, but then her relationship went awry. She has struggled being a single mom, but is in a band again. She has a pretty solid sounding voice. It has that rock sound going on and it takes a little time, but she gets John and Adam to turn for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he heard so much Florence. He thinks she is fantastic. John said he felt her power and charisma. When she delivered those big notes, he knew she was meant to be on this show. Blake said he thinks her and John are going to be a great duo. Kelly said she can’t go wrong her.

RESULTS – Betsy didn’t take long on this decision, as she picks to join Team Legend, who is an inspiration to her son!

Dalton Dover

He said he grew up in a trailer with his brother, sister and mother. He is only 20 years old, but definitely looks older. Dalton was married at 17 and stopped school in 11th grade, as she was pregnant with his daughter. He said this is the biggest moment of his life besides when his kids were born. He has a pretty strong country voice going on, as it is very calm and soothing. Blake is the only one to hit for him!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said this is awesome for him. Adam said he was great and he has the coach he was going to pick anyway. Kelly said we all knew you were going to pick Blake. John said this is a match made in heaven. He said his voice is beautiful and rich, but had an issue with control. Blake said he can’t believe he got away with one here.

RESULTS – Blake is the only coach to turn for him, so Dalton joins Team Blake on The Voice Season 16.

Rebecca Howell

She comes from a super small town. She is 18 years old and just graduated from high school. Coming to this audition was the first time she’s ever been on a plane before! She has a great country voice and a lot of control in her voice. She gets Kelly, Blake and John to turn for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said he may be an unorthodox choice for her, but he thinks she sounded fantastic and R&B and country are similar. He thinks he’ll be a great coach for her. Kelly said from the beginning, her voice was so solid and she hit her button first and she almost has this LeeAnn Womack voice. Blake said he loves the whiny, nasaly sound that comes from Georgia country singers. Kelly called Blake out for that being his pitch!

RESULTS – They thought she was going with Blake, but she picks to join Team Kelly!

Kendra Checketts

She is a natural red head, so she is working that dye. She really got into music during the 4th grade. This was when her dad almost passed away, but he pulled through and she just wants to make him proud tonight. She sings “Sober” and I am loving her vibe. Her voice is very good and she can hit those notes and is singing so fast. She makes some good runs in there and Blake is alone on this one.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said she is great and thinks this is a beautiful pairing. Kelly said the only reason why she didn’t turn around is because it’s such a deep, emotional song. Blake said their job as a coach is to teach them to break down that wall.

RESULTS – Blake was the only one again, so Kendra joins Team Blake!

J.T. Rodriguez

He is a fitness coach and he loves making people more confident. He gained weight when he was 8 years old and he found food to be a comfort. His job makes him lose his voice with yelling in the classes, so now he has to decide on the job or singing. He said this could be the beginning of him changing his life. He has a very different sound to his voice. It has such a weird tone to it and I like it. However, none of the coaches must like it, as he gets no chairs to turn around!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he almost pushed the entire time. He said he has to come back to give them another chance. John said he heard nerves and that’s what got them. Blake said he was sitting there not sure how he could work with a 90 year old man.

RESULTS – No coaches hit their button for him, so J.T. is heading back to the fitness classes tonight!

LB Crew

He grew up in the church and that’s where he got his passion for music. He has been singing with his little brother, who is a great piano player. He sings “Waves” and wow, goosebumps when he starts out. His voice is so smooth and good. He gets Blake and Kelly to turn around right away. He continues with that smooth voice and hits some big notes and good runs. This prompts John and Adam to join in, so we have another four-chair turnaround here!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said one of his best skills as a singer is a falsetto and that is one thing he needs to improve on. He is talented and he has the skillset to help him get even better. Kelly said she was the first person to turn around. She knew he had range and depth and tone. John said he has a magnificent voice and it’s powerful. His ability is up there with the best they have seen. Blake said he has a charisma about him that they all want. Be the first one like him on his team.

RESULTS – They all fought for him, but LB picks to join Team Adam!

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