We are moving into Night 2 of the Voice Premiere tonight on The Voice 2019 and that means more singers and more battles between The Voice Season 16 coaches! That may be my favorite part about the blind auditions. Well, that and crying from every backstory of the singers! Who will make me cry tonight on The Voice USA 2019? Check it out with us during our The Voice 2019 Live Recap!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Premiere Night 2 Recap

Last night on The Voice Season 16, we kicked off a new season and added a new coach into the mix. John Legend got his own red chair and he fit in pretty quickly, even though Blake Shelton used his block on him for the first blind audition! Blake may have won the show 80 million times, but they are all definitely worried about John being a big threat this season. It showed too, as Legend went on to win both four-chair turnarounds of the night, including the talented Maelyn Jarmon.

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For tonight, we have a quick episode coming at ya! Tonight’s blind auditions are only one hour long, as the Voice Premiere will come to an end. Check out The Voice USA Season 16 Live Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2019 Season 16 Premiere Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

Domenic Haynes

His mother was a track star and tried out for the Olympic team. He found that love for track too, but then got hurt during a meet and knew he could not continue down that path. That is when he found his love for music. He sings “River” and it totally doesn’t sound like how you would imagine. He has a very strong voice and a weird sound to it. Adam hits right away and then John joins and is jamming away and didn’t even notice that Adam blocked him! Blake joins in at the end.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said he hates Adam! He said his tone is so interesting and so impressed with what he did. Adam said it hurt him to do that. He said he might be his favorite singer in all 16 seasons of the show. Blake said every muscle in his body is creating that tone and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it. Kelly said he is a natural born story teller.

RESULTS – Lots of jokes about blocking, but Domenic picks to joins Team Adam and the blocking worked!

Savannah Brister

She said she is awkward and hopes no one gets to see her dance. She is always smiling, but said she is vulnerable and doesn’t let people see what’s behind that smile. However, she uses her music to let those feelings out. She sings “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” and John hits his button pretty quickly. Kelly seems to be worried about John already being turned around, but she joins him.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said that was disrespectful to not turn around. Adam said he was intimidated by John turning around so quickly. Kelly said her runs were incredible and would love to see her conquer this competition. John said he felt the energy and she did not let him down and she put her own stamp on that song.

RESULTS – She picks to join Team Legend on The Voice 2019!

The Bundys

They say this will be a Voice first and we also get to feel like a coach, as they don’t show the singers. We hear two voices, but then Kelly hits and we find out. It’s actually a trio, as we have two girls and a guy on the stage. Kelly and Blake hit their buttons and Kelly was dancing her way through that blind audition. They are actually siblings.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he is going to chalk this one up to confusion. Kelly said the best part of having a trio is knowing when to back off. It’s her favorite thing to harmonize and she feels she could be a solid coach for them. Blake said he saw the trio and it’s not what he bargained for, but he wants to be a part of this historic journey.

RESULTS – She fought hard for them and she got them, as they join Team Kelly on The Voice Season 16.

Klea Olson

She said both her parents are artists, so there is a lot of energy in her family. She sang growing up, but then felt pressured to pursue her college degree. However, she had a conversation with her father and convinced her to follow her dreams. She said she has never had a coach, so she is excited for a chance at that on The Voice 2019. She sings “No Roots” and she hits some good notes, but she is definitely pitchy out there. I think the nerves got her as she went on, as no coaches hit for her.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said the execution wasn’t all the way there. Adam said there were great moments and come back. Kelly liked the freedom of it, but reign it in at times.

RESULTS – No one hit for her, so she is eliminated. The coaches definitely want her to come back.

Hannah Kay

She said she has had a crush on Blake Shelton since she was 6 years old. She always wanted to be a singer, but was heavily bullied and Facebook pages made to tell her how she wouldn’t. She then met one person who believed in her and it was her best friend. They thought they would become famous singers together, but her friend was killed in a car accident a year and a half ago. She sings some Loretta Lynn and she gets Blake and Kelly to turn around quickly.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he feels like Kelly is going to talk more than ever before. Kelly said she loves the authentic country. She said she gets why she would go with Blake, but she has her connections too. Blake said she can be the one getting the old country back in the mainstream. He thinks she is incredible and she is the real deal.

RESULTS – Hannah said she loves both of them, but she picks Team Blake!

Julian King

His mother said he used to sing all the time and so much so that it could get annoying! In 2017, he got asked to tour in China and he felt like he was there. He said this is a defining moment for himself. He sings “All Time Low” and he has some great range. He gets John and Adam to turn around about the same time, but John beat him and he gets to use that block on Adam!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said he loves it because he doesn’t even have the chance to make a mistake. John said his voice is so clear and powerful and welcome to his team!

RESULTS – Since Adam was blocked, Julian will be joining Team Legend on The Voice USA 2019!

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