The Battle Rounds on The Voice 2019 kick off tonight on NBC! It’s a new round and now the artists on The Voice Season 16 will battle each other to remain in the competition! Check it out with us during our The Voice 2019 Live Recap and see who made it through to the next round as the Voice Battles begin!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Battles Night 1 Recap

Last week on The Voice 2019 Season 16, we watched the final night of blind auditions! The coaches (Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Adam Levine) put the final touches on their teams, as we head into the Voice Battles tonight! One of those artists happened to be Cecily Hennigan, who had Blake shocked when no one else turned for her! Then Wednesday night, we had the Best of the Blinds special, as NBC showed some of the best blind auditions of the season. You can check out our picks here!

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Before we begin tonight, you can check out Team Kelly, Team Blake, Team Legend and Team Adam by clicking on the team! Now keep up with the action tonight with The Voice USA Season 16 Live Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances from tonight!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2019 Season 16 Battle Rounds. Don’t want to see them yet or see who went home on The Voice Season 16 tonight, then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

TEAM LEGEND: Matthew Johnson vs. Shawn Sounds – “Never Too Much”

These seems like a matchup we all saw coming, right? We have very similar styles here and they both have that bubbly personality we all love and were both four-chair turnarounds. John said he paired everyone on his team based on the song he could hear them singing. Khalid said Shawn is a monster and Matthew’s voice is so warm it feels like someone is hugging you. I swear, I was smiling the entire time during this performance. They just draw you in and I love it!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said they are both incredible singers and it was like a tennis match. Blake said it’s unbelievable and Matthew’s dancing is like second to none. Kelly said they are phenomenal. Matthew is a light to watch and Shawn’s runs are crazy cool. John said the energy they gave and the love of music. They are both fantastic singers and did not miss a note.

RESULTS – John picks Shawn as the winner of this battle. However, both Adam and Kelly want to steal Matthew and he picks to join Team Kelly!

TEAM KELLY: The Bundys vs. Mikaela Astel – “Songbird”

We have the trio tonight, which is going to be interesting to see. They actually toured with LeAnn Rimes before. Meanwhile, Mikaela is a freshman in high school now and no more braces! Kelly felt they both could have written and performed this song themselves, which is why she picked it for them. It was so cute to see, as The Bundys took Mikaela under their wings and the brother actually helped her out on some things.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said they all sounded great. Mikaela’s voice is strong, yet vulnerable at the same time. Adam said Mikaela is so great and so young. It was very graceful. Blake said Mikaela was probably that much better in rehearsal. Kelly said Mikaela has this piercing tone and The Bundys have a beautiful family harmony.

RESULTS – The winner of this battle is The Bundys and no steals for Mikaela, so she is eliminated on The Voice 2019 tonight!

TEAM BLAKE: Gyth Rigdon vs. Rod Stokes – “Drunk Me”

Blake said these are his powerhouse country singers. Rod is blown away seeing Brooks & Dunn and he is a huge fan. This is an odd song choice, as Rod has never been drunk before! Blake said the song is a current song, so country fans can see what these two are made of. Gyth sings in bars and Rod sings in churches! These two have similar sounds and Gyth has the looks, but Rod seems to have a stronger voice on this one.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said they had Rod working on that song and he slayed that stage and Gyth is comfortable on that stage. John said they were both excellent and Gyth looked like a star up there. Adam said it was pretty even, but Rod may have taken this one and there is something special. Blake said this sucks and it’s an impossible decision.

RESULTS – Blake picks Gyth as the winner of this battle, but Adam said he is a fan of what Rod does and he wants him on his team, so he uses his steal on him!

TEAM ADAM: Domenic Haynes vs. Trey Rose – “I Need A Dollar”

Adam said Domenic’s voice is like nothing he has ever heard before and Trey’s voice is smooth and slick. Adam said they need to do something musically to separate their voices. Charlie Puth said they are going to make a musical roller coaster. He said they are similar, so it’s a matter of whoever makes the bigger splash. Trey had such a solid, strong voice. Domenic has such a unique sound to his voice and it totally works on this song. At the same time, Domenic seems to try too hard and it comes natural for Trey.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said that was such an even battle and hats off to both of them. Kelly said it is very even and they are both intense in different ways. John said he wanted Domenic on his team and he was fantastic and Trey’s range is awesome. Adam said it’s hard when they do everything they talk about perfectly.

RESULTS – Adam picks Domenic as the winner of this battle and no steals for Trey, so he is eliminated!

TEAM LEGEND: Savannah Brister vs. Maelyn Jarmon – “When We Were Young”

Khalid said their energy is incredible. John said he gave them a great song and he’s excited to hear them take it on. If you don’t remember, Maelyn can’t hear out of one ear, so she sings from the vibrations of the  music. He said this song is so powerful and he wanted them to show off that power in their voices. Khalid said he can feel this and it makes you cry and thinks this will be one of the toughest decisions for John to make. I love the sound of Maelyn’s voice, but the way her mouth moves to the side when singing annoys and distracts me. Savannah surprised me on this one.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said they did a fantastic job and they shared it well. Blake said we all knew how great Maelyn was and we also found out that Savannah is incredible. Kelly said Maelyn’s control of her instrument is incredible, but there is something so raw about Savannah. John loved that they had so much love for each other and they were trying to do the best song they could do.

RESULTS – The winner of this battle on The Voice Season 16 is Maelyn and no steals for Savannah, so she is eliminated.

TEAM KELLY: Beth Griffith-Manley vs. Jej Vinson – “Jealous”

Kelly said these are two of her biggest, powerhouse singers on her team. She said this is a perfect song choice for both of them, as they are both storytellers. Kelsea said that Jej can do runs like she has never heard before and you could tell that Beth felt this song and it felt like she wrote it. Kelly said you can hear how talented they both are and she is stupid for putting them together and John is going to be like, which one can I have! I think we all knew how amazing Jej’s voice was and he did not let anyone down with this performance. However, Beth’s voice is amazing and she killed it on this one.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said he wanted them both on his team and they both sounded great doing it. Adam said the unison they did was maybe the best he ever heard. Blake said Beth was great, but Jej was right there with him. Kelly said she is so excited and they did everything she asked of them and it’s insane how incredibly talented they both are.

RESULTS – Kelly picks Jej as the winner of this battle, but John wasn’t going to lose out on Beth again and he steals her away to join Team Legend

What did you think of the battles tonight on The Voice Season 16?

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