Some people may dread Mondays, but not NBC or any fans of The Voice 2013 Season 4 and we are back with another night of blind auditions on The Voice Season 4 and we get to see who the new coaches on The Voice 2013 (Usher, Shakira, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine) will add to their teams tonight. Sit back and relax, as we see even more new talent for Season 4. Come back and watch with us during out The Voice 2013 Season 4 Recap tonight!

The Voice - Season 4

Last week ended on The Voice Season 4 with Team Shakira having four acts and the rest of the teams having three acts a piece. I say acts because there have been some duos this season that have come out shining, like Midas Whale that included Jon Peter Lewis from American Idol Season 3.

Tonight brings us two more hours of blind auditions and a chance to see these new coaches fight for these singers to join their teams. The camaraderie between these four coaches is amazing and I think so much better than the first three seasons or is it just me? Come back tonight and watch with us during our recap!

Here we go…we start with a look back at Week 1 before we start on Week 2 blind auditions. We start the night out with another duo on The Voice 2013 with The Swon Brothers, who apparently liked mullets as they grew up. They have a very good sound to them. It is like  a country rock sound to them and I enjoyed them. The duos are doing a great job this season. They get Blake, Shakira and Usher to turn around for them and they are from Oklahoma, so Blake throws that card out there for them to join his team. They of course go Team Blake and he gets an act after being shut out last time!

Next up is Taylor Beckham and she was a gymnast for six years and trained for the Olympics, but then she realized it wasn’t her dream any more. Singing became her number one and here she is now. She is a pretty girl and thinks a coach is just what she needs to push her over the edge. She sings “I’m Going Down” and she gets Usher to turn around right away. I don’t think she is that strong of a singer though. How you all feeling about her? Shakira joins him in the middle and it is a battle of the new coaches! They both fought hard and even Adam Levine was fighting for Usher and it worked, as she picks Team Usher!

Sam Alves is from Brazil and he is doing this for his Mom and hopes to help her in the future by doing what he loves doing. He literally gave me chills when he started singing and throughout his performance. He had a real strong voice and I thought for sure that the coaches would turn around, but none of them did. They wanted perfection and didn’t hear it, so he goes home without a team.

Next is Karina Iglesias and she is a vocal teacher at a music school. She used to sing with her Grandma at church, but she had a stroke in 2004 and lost her singing voice and she is doing this for her tonight on The Voice 2013 Season 4. She has a very good voice and a rocker voice and Blake and Adam fight about pushing their buttons and finally do it at the very end! Adam said she deserves to be on a team, so he pushed the button. Shakira is pissed she didn’t turn around, but Karina sang Spanish in the middle of it. Blake can’t even understand her, so she chooses Team Adam.

Garrett Gardner tried out for Season 3, but did not get chosen for a team. Blake gave him some advice and he has been working hard since then to make a team. Will he tonight on The Voice Season 4? I am not a huge fan of his voice, but he had some good moments in there. It goes to the very end, but then Shakira turns around and gets him for Team Shakira. They recognize him and Shakira was pissed they didn’t take him last season, so she is happy to have him on her team for Season 4!

We see some quick additions: J’Sun for Team Shakira, Duncan Kamakana for Team Adam and Chelsea M for Team Usher.

Our next singer on The Voice 2013 Season 4 is Holly Tucker who is in the marching band at Baylor University, but she is ready to make it out on her own as a country singer. She performed with her mom and dad, but now it is her time to shine. She barely sings any notes and all the coaches but Blake turn around. He joins them a little after, so it is a four chair turnaround! She has a good voice, but the three coaches want to steal a country singer away from Team Blake. They all lay it on pretty thick, but she of course goes Team Blake. Did anyone doubt that she would?

A quick look at some singers that did not make it onto a team this season on The Voice 2013. The next singer that is going to try is Landon Medvec. He is a mover and doesn’t want to do that anymore. He is a good-looking guy and he has a rasp to his voice that I really like. These coaches are being very hard this season, as none of them turn around for him and he is headed back to moving. Usher and Blake thought it was a girl singing, but I don’t get it and either does Adam.

Michelle Chamuel is here to represent the nerds and her introversion. She comes out and sings “I Kissed A Girl” and she has a weird tone to her voice. Adam loved it and turns right away. Shakira and Usher join him as she goes on. Shakira and Adam love her and both want her and Usher wants to go far with her. She loves Shakira and Adam, but she has to go with Team Usher and it shocks everyone. Did you see that coming on The Voice 2013?

We have another country artist on our hands, as Julie Roberts comes to The Voice. She had an album that went gold and was touring and on TV shows, but then her second album flopped and she parted ways with her record company. Things got worse from there and now she is back to prove herself. She sings a Blake Shelton song and I am not a fan. She just has a weird sound to her voice and none of the coaches turn around for her. Blake turns around and he is upset that he didn’t turn around and he should have known it was her.

The next singer is Monique Abbadie, who was a child star on a Spanish show. She was on it for six years and once the show ended she didn’t know what to do with her life. She comes out singing “Loca” by Shakira, so she is nervous singing her song to her. She starts singing and Blake turns around immediately. She then proceeds to put on a show on that stage and all four of the coaches turn around for her! I loved it and think she could go far in the competition. Shakira jokes with the other coaches and said she’s got this thing. The coaches all agree that Monique should pick Team Shakira and so she does!

The last singer of the night on The Voice 2013 Season 4 is Warren Stone, who is a firefighter and a full-time dad. He wants to show his kids that you should never give up on your dreams. He is a country singer and Adam turns right around in hopes of still stealing that country singer away from Blake. He starts out slower and kicks it in at the end and he has a very strong country voice. Shakira and Blake join Adam. Blake plays the country card and shockingly it didn’t work, as Warren picks Team Adam! Another shocker and Adam gets that country singer from Blake!

After three nights of blind auditions: Team Blake has five acts, Team Shakira has seven acts, Team Usher has six acts and Team Adam has six acts! That’s it until tomorrow night!

Who was your favorite performances of the night on The Voice 2013 Season 4?

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