The Voice Season 4 coaches (Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher) are back tonight on The Voice 2013 Season 4 with the last week of blind auditions before we head into the Battle Rounds on The Voice 2013 next week. From the promo video for The Voice 2013 Season 4 spoilers, it looks like we may be in store for some of the best Blind Auditions yet for Season 4 and I could not be more ready! Join us tonight during our The Voice 2013 Season 4 Recap and watch the Blind Auditions Night 5 with us!

The Voice - Season 4

The chemistry between these coaches on The Voice Season 4 is amazing and I am going to be sad to see the Blind Auditions end and see the battles between the coaches to get them on their team. It is one of the best rounds during the season, so sad face for it ending this week!

Heading into The Voice 2013 Season 4 tonight, here is where things stand with the coaches: Team Shakira has nine acts, Team Adam and Team Usher both have eight acts and Team Blake has seven acts. With 12 acts total on each team, they need to be getting some work done this week, so bring it on! Our recap starts soon!

Here we go…the first singer of the night is Jeff Lewis (not the one you are thinking of) and he works at a golf course and has had a deal with Interscope Records, but right before he was about to release the records it got pulled out from underneath him. He will be singing an Usher song, but will it work? He does change the song up pretty good and I am liking Jeff, but the coaches aren’t turning around!!! They go to the very end, but then Usher, Blake and Shakira turn around. The coaches knew it and Jeff proved it and he goes Team Usher!

Shawna P is 45 years old and wants to prove that you can do this at any age. The older stories always inspire me because dreams can come true at any age, but will be a good singer??? She has a huge rocker voice and I am a fan. The coaches all seem iffy about turning around, but Shakira finally does and then Adam joins her later on and I am so happy for her! She surprises me and goes with Team Shakira and Adam is left in the dust!

Caroline Glaser is new to the music scene, at 18 years old, and she plays at coffee shops. She has that indie vibe to her and I might like her. She is a student at University of Kansas, but had to drop out to pursue music and The Voice Season 4. Will it be worth it? She starts out pretty rough and nervous, but that is expected since she has only sang in front of 30 people tops. She gets Blake and Shakira to hit their buttons and that seems to calm her nerves and she does well the rest of the way. Blake won her over with the songwriting comment and she goes Team Blake!

The next person up is Cameron, who apparently does everything from singing to dancing to acting to working with kids. I am not a fan of his because he comes off as arrogant, but not sure yet. The crowd is impressed by his dance moves, but the coaches can not see that and the singing does not impress them and he gets none of them to turn around and he is headed home on The Voice 2013 Season 4.

Another oldie but goodie, as Michael Austin (a.k.a. Big Country) comes to the stage. He is a deputy sheriff and he is 43 years old and wanting to get into music as he gets older because his body can’t take the deputy work much longer. He has a strong voice, but it never seems to go anywhere for me. He kicks it in later on, but he gets Adam and Shakira to turn around. Blake thinks it is pitchy and no button for him. Shakira throws out there that she can yodel, but it is not enough to win him over and he goes Team Adam and they are ready to whip Blake’s ass!

Sasha Allen is a singer, but she is absolutely a mother and she put her career on hold to be a mother and now she wants the music back in her life. She has been a backup singer for John Legend and Alicia Keys. She sings a Dixie Chicks song, even though she is not a country singer, but they tell a story and she wants to do that with music. The coaches waited for the song to kick in, but then all four of them hit their buttons for Sasha and the battle is on for this talented singer. They all fight hard for her, but she goes with Team Adam after some serious contemplation. Good choice?

Matt Cermanski is looking to break into the music business and his uncle is a member of The Trammps, who are famous for the song “Disco Inferno”. He sings “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry, which is a ballsy move but will it work on The Voice Season 4? He does this weird thing with his leg when he performs and I find it annoying, but the coaches never get a chance to see since none of them turn around for him!

Some quick additions: Jamila Thompson for Team Usher, Amy Whitcomb for Team Adam, Justin Rivers for Team Blake and Michelle Raitzin for Team Blake as well.

Mary Miranda is next and I can already hear Blake Shelton using his wife’s name being Miranda as well for his fight for her, if he turns around. Mary is from Cuba, so Shakira has inspired her and an easy choice if she turns around, right? She comes out singing a song in Spanish and gets Shakira moving in her chair, but no button yet. Shakira does turn around and Blake and Usher join her at the end together. There was no real choice here, as Mary Miranda goes Team Shakira, duh!

Grace Askew describes her music as “bluntry,” which is a mis between blues and country. She has toured the country on her own with her music, but she has hit a peak and wants more and the coaches on The Voice 2013 can help her…she thinks. She comes out with sass and spunk and I love it. The song is fun and she is entertaining and she gets Blake and Shakira to turn around for her! Blake picked up on the blues and country and thinks they could make history on the show and she agrees, as she picks Team Blake!

Jane Smith is up next and she has been singing music since she was five or six years old. Her father passed away from cancer and her Mom is a breast cancer survivor, so Jane is doing this for her Dad. Apparently it is not something for her to do, because none of the coaches turn around for her. Her lipstick worked it’s way above her lip and it is annoying!!!

After some singers that didn’t make it, we have now come to our last singer of the night on The Voice 2013 Season 4, who happens to be Ryan Innes. He was on track to be married and the career he wanted, but then she cancelled the wedding a month before and he decided medicine was not for him and he is pursuing music now. The first word of the song out and Adam is slamming on his button. Blake joins him shortly after. Ryan has a great rocker voice and a strong tone and I think he will do well, as do Usher and Shakira who hit their buttons as well! The coaches all fight for him and lay it on thick, but Ryan goes with Team Usher because soul in his voice and I am shocked!

The coaches all have one spot left to fill, so one for them all tomorrow night! That is it for tonight and who was your favorite singer of the night tonight on The Voice 2013 Season 4?

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