The time has finally arrived and we have made it to The Voice 2013 Season 4 premiere on NBC and it is time to start the blind auditions on The Voice Season 4 and it is also time to see the new coaches on The Voice 2013 (Shakira and Usher) take their spot in the red chairs and see how well they get along with the old coaches (Blake Shelton and Adam Levine). The Voice Season 4 Blind Auditions are surely going to be fun to watch, so don’t miss a thing during our The Voice 2013 Season 4 Premiere Recap tonight and watch the blind auditions with us!

The Voice 2013 Season 4 - Blind Auditions

The Voice Season 3 was an amazing season and we saw some amazing talent, which is the main reason why I love this show so much. These contestants are singers and the majority of them deserve a recording contract and the fame that The Voice 2013 could bring them!

Will we find another Cassadee Pope during the auditions tonight? She came out of the box as an early favorite to win Season 3 and carried that momentum all the way to her victory! That does not mean there were not other talented singers during Season 3. Both Terry McDermott and Nicholas David had a true chance of winning it all, but Cassadee had the social media presence the others lacked and she won Season 3 of The Voice. Come back tonight for our The Voice 2013 Season 4 Premiere Recap and see if we might have someone stand out like Cassadee did last season during this stage of the competition!

Here we go…we welcome the coaches and take a look at the new coaches on The Voice Season 4. Who is your favorite coach for Season 4? The coaches kick off the night with a performance of “Come Together” and one thing is for sure: Usher brings some hotness to The Voice 2013 that Cee Lo Green just couldn’t do, right?

Up first tonight are The Morgan Twins, the first set of twins to audition ever on The Voice! They sing “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys and Blake and Usher turn around with the first singer, so they are shocked to turn around to see twins! They are pretty girls and have some real soul to their voice. Adam joins the mix later and Shakira hits it right at the end, so of course a four chair turnaround to start The Voice Season 4! Shakira lays it on thick and Blake said he has a wife in the business and they are sisters, which apparently is enough for them to choose Team Blake!

Jess Kellner is a hairdresser from Austin, Texas, so do we have another singer for Team Blake on The Voice 2013? She has the sob story of her Mom being an alcoholic and using music to vent, but now here Mom is sober…of course. She sings “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and starts off with this weird tone to her voice that I love and a tone that Blake usually goes for. Usher and Shakira turn around right away and the only two coaches to turn, so a battle of the newbies! I am loving Shakira as a coach and the banter between the four of them! How about you all? Jess goes Team Usher, which surprises me!

The next singer is Mark Andrew, who works in his family business as a roofer and he was in a band in high school and his drummer was killed by a drunk driver and his guitarist recently passed away too…how sad and he is doing this for them, but also because it makes him happy! He sings “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” and he wins over Adam right away. He has that rocker tone to him, but I don’t think he is anything too special. Good singer, but no wow factor for me. Shakira joins him and they will fight. Adam thought he was unique, but thinks he can do a better song choice. Shakira disagreed and she is so passionate about him. Mark picks Team Shakira!

Janetza Miranda is next to audition on The Voice 2013 Season 4. She comes from Puerto Rico and sings with a Spanish group, so I see an easy pick for Shakira? She sings “Titanium” and I think it is a bad song choice for her. The girl can sing, but it does not shine in this song. She has good tone and I think she could have won over Shakira with it! No coaches turn around, but she does get a hug from Adam Levine!

Danielle Bradbery is an aspiring 16-year-old country singer, so Team Blake? She grew up with crooked teeth and the kids would make fun of her, so she would sit at home and sing! This is her first time singing in the spotlight. She sings “Mean” and Blake likes what he hears and turns around, but right along with him is Usher. Adam joins in the fun at the end, so a battle of the boys now! Blake aid her pitch is amazing. Usher plays the Justin Bieber card and tickets, but he wants to do something that will shock the world and they can win together. Adam wants to make her a pop country star. Usher than calls Nashville a state and it is hilarious! She goes where her heart is and joins Team Blake, so two singers for him tonight and none for Team Adam yet!

Vedo is an aspiring R&B singer, who will be singing “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, so he is excited to see what Usher has to say about his singing. His mom was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and given two months to live! He says she is his queen and I am in tears….first time this season! It takes him a little time, but he gets Usher to turn around! Shakira thinks about it, but doesn’t turn around and Vedo will join Team Usher!

The next singer on The Voice 2013 Season 14 is Christian Porter, who apparently his family thought he was deaf as a child because he never spoke and would grunt and moan, but he just needed time to talk and now they can’t shut him up. He is a bar musician and doesn’t want to do that anymore. He sings “Sexy and I Know It” and it is totally a different rendition of the song and I really enjoy it. He gets them all to turn around but Adam, so he still won’t have a singer yet tonight! They all want to work with him and like his confidence, but Christian decides to join Team Blake!

We take a look at some singers that weren’t lucky enough to get any red chairs to turn around on The Voice 2013 and now we take a look at Leah Lewis, who is only 15 years old and was adopted from China. She grew up listening to bluegrass and in inspired by country music. She is hoping Blake or Usher turn around for her. She sings “Blown Away” and it starts out a little rough for me, but she kicks it in a little as it goes on. She has some shining moments and Adam keeps thinking about it, but never hits the button and she walks away without a team this season!

Next up on The Voice Season 4 is Kris Thomas, who is an R&B singer but grew up listening to gospel music. He had a record deal, but lost that because of creative differences and then started heavily drinking. He almost drove his car into a house while in a blackout and he knew he needed to make some changes and now here he is. He sings “Saving All My Love For You” and he has a great voice and he wins Shakira over, who is the only one to turn around. The coaches all thought he was a girl singing and so upset he is a guy and they didn’t know it, but he is Team Shakira!

Next is carpenter James Irwin, who started singing when he was five years old and feels this is his second chance. He had some interest from record labels last year and at the same time his wife was pregnant with twins, but then lost them five months into the pregnancy. They were delivered alive, but they got ten minutes with them and my tears are back folks! Good news: they had a son a year later! He sings “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and he is someone I am rooting for because of that story. He has a good voice, but it never goes anywhere and the one big note he struggles through and no coaches turn around for him!

The last blind audition of the night is Judith Hill, who we have seen previews of. She was born to sing and she got a chance to work with Michael Jackson on his final tour for two months before he passed away. She sang at his memorial service. Her phone blew up after that, but she felt it was in poor taste to take advantage of that and now she feels The Voice is her chance to be found for her. She sings amazingly well and gets Usher and Adam to turn right around. I am in love with this girl and by far the best of the night! Shakira and Blake join in and the show ends with a four chair turnaround! I think Judith is a force to reckon with on The Voice 2013 Season 4! They all fight hard for her and I love the vibe between these coaches! Judith chooses Team Adam and he gets his first singer of the season!

For the night, Team Adam got one singer, Team Usher got two singers, Team Blake got three acts and Team Shakira got two singers! Who was your favorite performer of the night on The Voice 2013 Season 4?

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