The blind auditions on The Voice 2013 Season 4 were back on last night on The Voice 2013 and we some amazing talent take the stage for the new coaches on The Voice Season 4. In the end, the coaches added 11 new singers to their teams on The Voice 2013 and tonight is another chance for more singers to get a coach to turn that red chair around. Find out who makes the cut during our The Voice 2013 Season 4 Live Recap tonight and see how the singers do during the blind auditions on The Voice Season 4 with us!

The Voice - Season 4

Last night was an excellent night for the singers, as we saw many talented singers take the stage, with some making a team and some being sent home.

That doesn’t mean it is the end of the road for you, as Garrett Gardner proved that true. He auditioned for Season 3, but got none of the coaches to turn around their chairs. He kept at it and came back for The Voice Season 4 and made Team Shakira last night! Find out who else makes a team tonight during our Live Recap!

Here we go…the first singer of the night is Audrey Karrasch, who has been modeling in NYC and felt lost and depressed, but music made her feel alive and moved to Charlotte. She comes out singing “Price Tag” by Jessie J and has a decent voice, but I am not a huge fan hers. She gets Blake Shelton and Usher to turn around, so they must be fans. And she picks Team Usher, which brings out the dance moves from Usher on The Voice 2013 Season 4!

Brandon Roush has that look of someone The Voice likes to advertise. He doesn’t have the looks, but he might have the voice? He definitely has a great voice and hits some amazing and high notes. Blake contemplates turning around a couple times, but never does. Shakira does turn around and he joins Team Shakira on The Voice Season 4!

The next singer is Betsy Barta and she was broke and started singing on the streets of Minneapolis in hopes of being discovered or heard by someone. Now she has the chance to be heard by millions on The Voice 2013! She has a very solid voice, but it seemed like she never went anywhere with the Adele song. It was all so mellow and I think that hurt her, so of course none of the coaches turned around for her. She starts crying on stage, but then gets a hug from Adam Levine, so it is all good now, right?

The nos continued for the singers, as we take a look at some more singers that didn’t get the coaches to hit their buttons. These bad auditions can still sing well, so take that American Idol 2013!

The next singer is Patrick Dodd and he toured in a band, but lived a very bad lifestyle. He started a family and was doing landscaping, but music is his life. He sings “Walking In Memphis” and I love the raspiness in his voice. He has a rocker voice and it is very good. He’ll get a team on The Voice Season 4, as both Adam and Shakira turn around for him. Both of them lay it on thick, but we will find out after the commercial! We are back and in no big shocker, Patrick goes with Team Adam!

Some quick additions: Trevor Davis for Team Blake, C. Perkins for Team Shakira and Agina Alvarez for Team Adam.

Orlando Dixon is up next is a graduate of Berkley Music School and grew up without a father figure, so we need to include that in his intro video. He does gigs as a wedding singer and just wants to be able to take care of his mom and sister. He has a good voice and seems like a perfect fit for Team Usher, but he gets to the very end of his song and no coaches turn around. Very end of the song and Usher hits his button, so he is on Team Usher!

Savannah Berry is the last singer of the night on The Voice 2013 Season 4 and she posted a YouTube video and got the chance to sing with Sugarland. She comes out singing country and gets Adam to turn right around. She hits a high note and Shakira joins him. Savannah eventually wins over Blake, so she has three coaches to choose from! Savannah says her musical influences are Miranda Lambert, so Blake steps up to the plate. He even offers to adopt her, which Adam said she doesn’t need parenting. And another no big shocker, but she chooses Team Blake!

That is it for tonight, so who was your favorite singer of the night on The Voice 2013 Season 4?

The current standings: Team Adam has eight acts, Team Shakira has nine acts, Team Usher has eight singers and Team Blake has seven acts.

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