The Voice 2013 Season 4 is back and the blind auditions started strong last night on The Voice Season 4 premiere and the new coaches on The Voice 2013 (Usher, Shakira, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine) seemed to have great chemistry together and it looks like it might be another amazing season on NBC! Tonight on The Voice 2013 Season 4, the blind auditions continue and it looks like there will be an epic battle between the coaches for one of the singers! Come watch with us during our The Voice 2013 Season 4 Live Recap for the Blind Auditions Part 2!

The Voice - Season 4

The first night of blind auditions featured some amazing singers, like both Danielle Bradbery and Kris Thomasand the new season started out as they normally do on NBC: with the coaches getting together on stage and performing for the audience. They sang “Come Together” last night and it was good and nice to not see Christina Aguilera up there in her underwear!

The blind auditions continue tonight, so let’s get ready to meet some new singers with some great voice. We’ll be back at 8/7c with our Live Recap!

Here we go….after a look back at last night’s blind auditions, we get to our first artist of the night! Up first is Tawnya Reynolds and she is country to the core, so how about an addition to Team Blake to start the night? She comes out strumming her guitar and has that country twang going on big time, along with her cowboy boots. She gets Shakira and Adam Levine to turn around and then Blake Shelton and Usher agree that they will each mentor one of the other’s type of artists, so Usher pushes the button. The three coaches fight for Tawnya and Shakira even brings out the “English to Country Dictionary” and it was so funny…love, love these coaches! Blake even puts his recommendation in for Usher, but she goes Team Shakira and she thinks she can learn something from her!

Josiah Hawley wants to prove that he is more than a pretty face and I guess we will see his abs tonight, for some reason! I am annoyed by him right now. Anyone else? He sings “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5, so he is taking a risk singing one of The Voice Season 4 coaches songs. Blake hits the button right away, but maybe just to spite Adam? Usher joins in a little later. Adam seems impressed and finally hits the button towards the end, so the other coaches are done for, right? It didn’t matter because Josiah picks Team Usher, as a shocker!

Looks like we might have some characters on our hands, as Midas Whale takes the stage. They are a duo and sing folk music and say their sound is not typical for a show like The Voice 2013 Season 4. This should be interesting! They sing “Folsom Prison Blues” and they may be quirky and weird, but they have a nice tone to them. It wins Usher over and he hits his button. Blake and Adam join them and then Shakira makes it a four-chair turnaround for the duo who didn’t think their sound belong on the show! Shakira starts speaking Spanish with them and she is shocked they know and the other coaches think she just won them over. And they pick…after the commercial break! They go Team Adam. Good choice?

Abraham McDonald is next on The Voice 2013 Season 4 and he comes to us with a big, shiny suit jacket and he won a karaoke contest on Oprah for something. He is a big guy and comes out singing “Best Thing I Never Had” and the coaches will be shocked when they turn around. I don’t know how he won that karaoke contest because he is not that great of a singer. He must of had weak competition? None of the coaches turn around and he is going home.

The next singer is Cathia, who is studying music business? She gets to record for free, so good for her and this looks like a positive for Team Shakira, as she is coming out singing in Spanish. I don’t know a word she sang, but she has a great voice and I like her. Usher turns right around and then Shakira joins a little later and Blake right at the end and he will fight big time for her to join his team. Usher and Shakira both fight big time for her and I am liking this girl’s personality! How about you? She goes with someone who will understand she picks Team Shakira!

The last singer of the night on The Voice 2013 Season 4 and Blake Shelton has yet to get a singer tonight, so this should be his singer right? The singer is Sarah Simmons and another parent with an addiction problem. Sometimes the sob stories annoy me! She sings “One Of Us” and starts out rough and a little slow, but gets Shakira and Adam to turn around. She kicks it in in the middle and knocks it out of the park and Usher and Blake hit their buttons! The coaches all want Sarah, but she chooses Team Adam and the other coaches are all upset!

So, Blake is shut out tonight on The Voice Season 4 and he has three singers so far, as do Team Usher and Team Adam and Team Shakira has four singers! Who were your favorites?

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