We all know that new additions have been made to The Voice 2013, as Shakira and Usher will find themselves in those big red chairs as The Voice Season 4 judges. Shakira will be replacing Christina Aguilera and Usher will be replacing Cee Lo Green on the judges’ panel, but it is not a full-time replacement, as Christina and Cee Lo are busy with their own projects and need a little time off. NBC has released new promo pictures for The Voice 2013 and you can see the new judges are fitting in real well with those big red chairs!

I can see why Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green needed some time off from The Voice Season 4, because it seems like Season 3 just ended and we are already talking about Season 4! The Voice 2013 kicks off on NBC on March 25, so we still do have time before we are back in the swing of things. Speaking of swing of things, it looks like Shakira and Usher are getting into the swing of things with NBC and The Voice. The new pictures have both the new coaches looking quite comfy in the chairs.

They shouldn’t get too comfy though, because Cee Lo has stated he will be back for Season 5 and Christina hasn’t confirmed it yet, but she said she would be back as well when the announcement came out she was taking a season off. I am very curious to see how Usher and Shakira do on The Voice 2013. Maybe good enough that they will be permanent replacements? Doubtful, but it will be interesting to hear a couple new perspectives on The Voice Season 4. Check out Usher here:

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