The Voice 2012 Adam Levine & Cee-Lo Green make instant eliminations after performances. Two more great singers were cut in The Voice’s new instant elimination additions. Adam said goodbye to Pip and CeeLo bid adue to James Massone. America’s voting results will be revealed tomorrow night, when the bottom vote-getters have last-chance performances for a shot immunity from their coaches.

Here are the teams performance breakdown. Videos to come. From Team Adam: Katrina Parker belted Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts from a heart-shaped stage. Blake loved her “sweet” raspy voice and Christina thought she was “fantastic.” CeeLo said, “It’s like seeing and hearing you for the first time … Flawless.” Adam called the performance “incredible.”Nursing student Mathai sang an easygoing I’m Like A Bird by Nelly Furtado while a trapeze artist flew behind her. Blake “could’ve done without Captain America in the back,” but it was “beautiful.” Christina didn’t feel like Mathai connected to the song, but Adam said it was “great.”

Tony Lucca paid homage to fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears by singing a rock version of …Baby One More Time. Christina enjoyed the new twist on the song and Blake admitted the song choice “was really smart.” Adam loved how Tony “finally embraced his Mickey Mouse Club roots.”

Nineteen-year-old Pip tried showing off his falsetto and piano skills with Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know. Blake said it was pretty good, but missed Pip’s usual bowtie. Adam said there were “a couple of moments that weren’t perfect,” but “I’m proud of you.”

Team CeeLo

Bronx native Jamar Rogers sang It’s My Life with a fiery passion emphasized by the flames behind him. Adam called him “amazing” and Blake said the song was a perfect fit. Christina said, “You truly sang that like it was your life on the line … You’re one of my favorites.” CeeLo said, “We can’t help but all be inspired” by Jamar being sober for six years.

Mechanic James Massone slowed it down with a soft version of Billy Joel’s Just the Way You Are. Blake didn’t love the performance and Christina “wanted something different.” Adam, however “loved it a lot” and CeeLo “enjoyed it.”

Powerhouse Cheesa took on I Have Nothing. Christina said that though Whitney Houston has big shoes to fill, “you still managed to do your own thing with it.” CeeLo called the performance “exceptional.”

Rocker Juliet Simms, sporting a huge pair of wings, crooned Cryin’ by Aerosmith. Christina called the performance “fabulous.” “I love the way you roar on stage,” she said. CeeLo said she’s “one of the hopefuls everybody’s rooting for.”

Coaches CeeLo and Adam had to eliminate one of their own. CeeLo said, “I gotta let my little brother James go.” So James Massone was eliminated. “You helped me grow so much. I love you,” James told CeeLo. Adam said, “Pip, I gotta let you go, man.” Pip was sent home. “It’s been an amazing experience,” said Pip.

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