It has been a while since we have seen Clay Aiken on television, but he was back tonight and on the Esquire channel for the premiere of The Runner Up, his documentary series covering his Congressional run in North Carolina. The former American Idol runner-up let the camera follow him around for The Runner Up on Esquire and now we get to see the celebrity try to make his way into politics. Check out what happened on The Runner Up 2015 premiere below in our The Runner Up on Esquire recap from tonight!

Esquire Network Specials - Season 2015

Warning: This post contains spoilers on The Runner Up on Esquire, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened!!!

We start with Clay getting ready for the day and why do we need to see him in his underwear??? He then heads out with Betsy Conti, his campaign advisor, to do some canvassing. He chats with some people, but he doesn’t think people are taking him seriously and want to talk about American Idol.

The local residents don’t seem to take him seriously. He said he started this journey with eight people he did not know and they are telling him what to do on his campaign. It seems like they are all related working his campaign.

Clay’s mother is not happy to see him running and thinks that Washington is corrupt and doesn’t want them dragging him down. He said he grew up in the church, but he is not as religious now and not sure if that is because of the church’s stance on sexual orientation. He said people tell him a gay man can’t win in North Carolina.

Out on the road, Betsy said that Clay gets the attention of the voters, but they aren’t listening to what he says and just want a selfie with him. Gene Conti, another campaign advisor, said that Clay’s opponent, Keith Crisco, is very strong and has a lot of income sources. Betsy said the people who normally vote in midterms would be voting for Keith. Because of that, they need to appeal to people that don’t normally vote.

To be honest, Clay does have some valid points and he is surprising me tonight. He is good with his words and people like him, so it is a matter of making sure they believe he can do this. However, it is time for the attack ads to begin and we see Keith go after Clay and the appointment he got from President Bush to a committee for kids with special needs. As it turns out, Clay missed all eight of the meetings for that committee, so they called him “No Show Clay Aiken” and Clay is pissed! We hear the F-bomb dropped a lot by Clay and we are liking it! His campaign is working on turning this attack ad around, but they don’t have a big budget to work with on The Runner Up 2015.

To counterattack, they sent out a press release saying that Keith’s company sent jobs overseas and he has an American company. The paper put it on their website, but it was not actually put in the paper and Clay is pissed again! They put up campaign signs along the highway, but the next morning they were all missing!

Clay is working hard, but he doesn’t seem to trust his campaign team. He needs to let go a little, girl! It is the day before the primary election and Clay sends out his operations manager to work on the signs. He is stressing out big time and doesn’t want to come in second place again!

The next morning comes and Clay heads out to vote and he sees none of his campaign signs at the polling place! He votes and said it is the first time he has voted for himself since American Idol! Clay is working his way around the polling places and he is not happy to see no signs.

He said when he lost to Ruben Studdard, he was okay with it. When he lost to Arsenio Hall on The Celebrity Apprentice, he was okay with it because he liked them both. He does not like Keith Crisco and wants to beat him!

The polls have now closed and it is waiting time to see the results come in! This is a close one and they are within a few hundred votes, but Clay is leading right now. It is so close that Keith Crisco will probably demand a recount of the votes and Clay just wants him to concede!

Six days after the election, Clay is declared the winner of the election, but not on the terms he probably wanted! Keith Crisco passed away!!!! Clay said he could see his declining health and thinks this did him in. He said he grew to hate him during the campaign and he treated him like a dick and he hates that. He heard Keith’s team was going to call and concede that day and he felt he would have gotten closure then, but he never got that and it will bother him.

But we move on with the campaign next week, but what did you think of tonight’s premiere?

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