We are down to the final five masks on The Masked Singer on FOX and it looks like there are plenty of guess on who could be under each mask. While we have to wait to find out for sure, we are going to give you some details on what we know for each celebrity in our The Masked Singer spoilers below!

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Who Are Final 5 Singers

During this week’s show, the final six celebrities took the stage together for the first time this season. No more groups, as it is everyone out there fighting to get the votes and stay in the competition. However, it was the end of the line for the Alien and it was revealed that LaToya Jackson was under the mask! Now to the remaining five masks and who it could be!

The Bee

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Bee

The Bee is definitely a singer that has been around for a very long time. They said this past week that they have won 10 Grammys and often refer to themselves as Queen Bee. The judges have been pretty consistent in their thoughts of it being Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle. However, neither of those ladies have 10 Grammy Awards! They have also mentioned Anita Baker, but again, no 10 Grammys for her either. One person that has been mentioned as a possibility is Chaka Khan and guess what, she has 10 Grammy wins!

The Lion

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Rabbit

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The viewers seem to know who the Lion is, so the judges seem to be throwing them off with that thinking. They definitely feel it is a member of a girl group that is trying to break free for a solo career. The Lion has talked about breaking out of the pack and her video this week showed a “sisterhood” reference and a newspaper headline that stated Hailey. She has also alluded to the fact that she is Hollywood royalty, so coming from a famous family. While the judges are thinking Mel B, Kelly Rowland or Hailee Steinfeld, we all know this one is Rumer Willis, right? I mean, she was born in Hailey, Idaho!

The Monster

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Monster

The Monster might be one of the hardest masks to crack on The Masked Singer 2019! He has performed a different genre every week, so it makes it difficult to maybe get a clue. However, he did talk about enjoying the opportunity to share his true voice with the world, so could be a rapper that can actually sing. He was flying a private jet in his package video and often makes sports references to boxing or golfing. The judges seem to think it could be Lil Jon, Tommy Davidson or Mike Tyson. They have mentioned Wayne Brady in the past, which is a possibility. However, many people are leaning towards the Monster being rapper T-Pain!

The Peacock

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Peacock

For this one, the Peacock has said that he was a child star and has been in the business for a while. He was born to perform and has talked about a magic act. Many people are thinking this is Neil Patrick Harris, as he has used a rainbow in parts of the show. However, NPH has come out and said it is not him! Wayne Brady is mentioned her also by the judges, but no, this one has got to be Donny Osmond, which many people think also. He was a child star and the rainbow and wig from a couple weeks ago are from his time in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The Rabbit

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Rabbit

One thing is certain for the Rabbit, he has to be a member of a boy band! However, what boy band and what member is being questioned a lot out there! Since it is a boy band member, many have said it could be Donny Wahlberg since his wife Jenny is a judge. However, none of the clues hint towards a BSB member. They all point towards ‘N Sync and everyone seems to be pointing at it being Joey Fatone. He did say he had 17 tattoos, which has some thinking AJ McLean from BSB also. You have to go by those clues of being puppeted by others in the past (‘N Sync was on strings and puppets in their “Bye, Bye, Bye” video). While many think it is Joey, I am leaning towards JC Chasez. I am not sure about the tattoos, but Joey has joked about being the “fat guy” in the group and the rabbit looks more on the skinnier side of things!

Who do you think is under each mask on The Masked Singer?

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