The Golden Mask will be handed out on The Masked Singer next week, as The Masked Singer finale is here! We are down to the final three masks: the Bee, Monster and Peacock. One of them will be named the winner of The Masked Singer Season 1, but all of them will be revealed as the night goes on. So, who are the final three masks? Check out our thoughts below in our The Masked Singer spoilers!

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Who Are Final 3 Contestants

During this week’s show, the final five celebrities took the stage and it was time for a double elimination! That meant everyone was out there fighting to get the votes and stay in the competition. However, it was the end of the line for the Lion and the Rabbit. We finally got to see who were under these masks and it was revealed that Rumer Willis was under the Lion mask and Joey Fatone was under the Rabbit mask! Now to the remaining three masks and who it could be!

The Bee

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Bee

We all know that the Bee is a singer and they’ve been doing it for a while now. It seems like all things point to it being Gladys Knight, but there was a clue last week that threw that all off. The Bee mentioned winning 10 Grammys and it seems like Gladys and the other common thought (Patti LaBelle) do not have 10 Grammy wins. Chaka Khan does and she has been mentioned before, so we think it’s her.

The Monster

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Monster

We think the Monster will win The Masked Singer 2019, as he seems to be the hardest one for any of the judges to guess. Executive producer Craig Plestis told The Wrap that the judges never even guessed the winner during the season. The main consensus off the show is the Monster is T-Pain, a name that has never been thrown out by the judges! T-Pain is known for his auto-tune songs, but did give a clue of wanting to share his true voice with the world.

The Peacock

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Peacock

We know that the Peacock was a child star and he’s been in the business for a while. He threw people off with his talk of a magic act, so people were thinking Neil Patrick Harris. However, the wig and rainbow cape definitely makes everyone continue to think this one is Donny Osmond, as he was in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. We agree with Donny!

Who do you think is under each mask on The Masked Singer?

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