It’s the return of the Peacock, Monster, Bee and Raven tonight on The Masked Singer and one of them will have to reveal themselves when all is said and done. From the preview videos of The Masked Singer 2019, it looks like the Peacock might be doing some flirting with host Nick Cannon! Check out some clues for tonight’s performers and a sneak peek video below in our The Masked Singer spoilers!

The Masked Singer Spoilers - Week 6 Clues and Sneak Peek

Last week on The Masked Song FOX, we watched as the Rabbit, Unicorn, Alien and Lion all performed. For the first time this season, the four masked celebrities all took the stage together for a group performance. After that, they each performed individually and then brought an item to show as a clue for themselves. After all was said and done, the judges and audience voted and it was the Unicorn with the lowest number of votes. They had to reveal themselves and Ken Jeong made up some ground for not knowing Margaret Cho was under the mask the week before, as he guessed right in that the Unicorn was Tori Spelling!

For tonight’s episode, it looks like we have two celebrities from the first group (Peacock and Monster) going up against two from the second group (Bee and Raven). Like last week, the four of them will take the stage and perform together as a group. Then it is individual performances for all four celebrities and it looks like Monster is signing “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz and the Bee is taking on “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, as seen here:

And to get you even more worked up, here are some more clues for each of these celebrities:

So, who do you think will have to reveal themselves tonight on The Masked Singer?

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