The theme of tonight on The Challenge 33 seems to be love triangles! The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 cast seems to have some drama boiling when it comes to showmances and it looks like Wes might be stirring the pot tonight! Check out a sneak peek look at Week 6 on The Challenge 2019 below in our The Challenge 33 spoilers!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Spoilers - Week 6 Sneak Peek

Last week on The Challenge 2019, the teams took on an endurance challenge, as they were carrying tires up and down sand dunes and across the desert! Bear had a temper tantrum, as he felt like others were beating him that shouldn’t. This continued the whole episode, as he just kept running his mouth. It didn’t matter though, as Paulie and Cara Maria were both in the Tribunal and they were gunning for Zach, since Kyle was safe for the week. Zach and Zahida were voted in and they butted heads on who to go against, but they ended up picking Wes & Dee and that was a bad choice, as they beat them and that meant Zach & Zahida were eliminated!

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For tonight on MTV, we have the official synopsis for Week 6 on The Challenge Season 33:

“Kam and Leroy finally address their tumultuous relationship when it becomes clear that she may want someone else in the house. In order to destroy an alliance, Wes reveals a secret that potentially can break up a couple. Don’t worry, there’s a super badass challenge and an awesome elimination, too.”

For the love drama, we will see the Kam and Leroy drama play out. And from the sneak peek video, it’s just creepy that he is always like right there staring at everything she is doing with Theo, right? Also in the mix are Georgia, Bear and Nany. Wes wants to break up that UK alliance, so what better way to do it then add some drama with a love triangle? Check out the sneak peek here:

MTV is also giving us a sneak peek look at tonight’s challenge, which is called “Doom Buggy.” This is beyond intense and you need a lot of upper body strength to finish this! Check out that sneak peek here:

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