Sometimes the big dogs fall and it happened tonight on The Challenge 33TJ Lavin and MTV teased this one, as they said a legend would fall on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 tonight, but did you expect it to go this way? Check out the details below in our The Challenge 33 Recap and see who went home on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 tonight!

The Challenge 33 Spoilers - Week 3 Recap

Last week on The Challenge 2019, it was a little game of tug of war! There was 400 feet of rope between them and it was a battle of pulling the rope to their side. The top three teams with the highest rope total would win immunity and form the Tribunal, which would nominate three teams for elimination. It was Cara Maria & Theo, Johnny Bananas & Morgan and Amanda & Josh winning and they didn’t discuss much and had drama, but they nominated Zach & Zahida, Hunter & Georgia and Ashley M. & Chase.

At the elimination, the Tribunal ended up having to vote individually for the team to go in for elimination and it was Hunter & Georgia selected! They picked their opponent from any of the teams and Hunter picked Ashley M. & Chase, as he wanted revenge and revenge is what he got! They won and remained in the competition, as Ashley M. and Chase were eliminated!

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The Relic

We go back to last week’s Elimination Round, as Hunter & Georgia won and TJ teased us with them also getting The Relic. What does it do? Well, it keeps them safe from elimination for the next week! That means Hunter & Georgia cannot be eliminated tonight on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019!

House Drama

We see Bananas trying to work that British angle and get in on their alliances and keep himself on their good side. Then we see Mattie kiss Kyle, so Cara Maria comes out and warns her to be careful. Um, hasn’t she moved on with Paulie, but worried about what Kyle is doing???

The Challenge

Heading into the challenge, Zach is still upset from the week before and the drama between him and Jenna. He said his head is not on right. For the challenge, it is called “Search and Destroy.” All 15 guys have to search through a stone graveyard for a ball. Once they find one, they will give it to their partner, who has to run it through a mud pit to the end zone. There are only 12 balls though, so there will be some battles in that Transfer Zone to get a ball when the final balls come out. This will be played in four rounds and the Top 3 teams in the fourth round will form the Tribunal on The Challenge 33, as three teams will be eliminated each round..


It was competed in four rounds, so here are results from each round:

  • Round 1 – Shaleen & Leroy, Amanda & Josh and Morgan & Johnny Bananas eliminated
  • Round 2 – Kyle & Mattie, Zach & Zahida and Bear & Da’Vonne eliminated
  • Round 3 – Julia & CT, Nany & Turbo and Natalie N. & JP eliminated
  • Round 4 – Paulie & Natalie D., Wes & Dee and Ashley C. & Kam are Top 3 teams and form the Tribunal tonight on The Challenge 2019!


The Tribunal meets and decides on nominations for the week. After some discussion, the three teams nominated tonight are Bananas & Morgan, Amanda & Josh and Kyle & Mattie.

The Tribunal

Time for the teams on The Challenge 33 to state their case on why they should not be nominated. Bananas is pissed and said it’s a little early for Wes to be gunning for him. Kam tells Amanda & Josh they were put in as a burn vote. Kyle tells Paulie it should be himself to do the dirty work and not someone else do it for him. Then he leaves by saying throw Johnny in!

Elimination Round

The Tribunal has to vote individually for the team heading into the elimination on the Killing Floor tonight on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019! They vote and it’s a 2-2-2 tie and TJ’s ask them to change and it sounds like it could be bad if they didn’t, so Ashley C. changes his vote and goes with Bananas & Morgan and they head into the Elimination Round! Because of that move during the challenge ad Zach throwing the ball to Wes, they pick Zach & Zahida to go up against!

For the challenge, it’s called “Map It Out.” They will be given 20 flags and a map of the world on a climbing wall. They have 15 minutes to climb up that wall and put the flags in the country they belong. First team done will win.


Both the guys struggled with climbing up the wall on this one. There were definitely more players on Zach & Zahida’s side trying to help them out and it helped, as they got 18 correct! Johnny Bananas & Morgan got 15 correct, which means they are eliminated tonight! Zach & Zahida win and get the Relic for next week!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on MTV!

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