The Celebrity Apprentice fires Aubrey O’Day. Donald Trump began The Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday by telling the final three contestants, Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall, and Aubrey O’Day, that at this point “there are no losers.” Still, one needed to be cut at the beginning of the program.

Trump asked each why they should be spared, but after they made their cases, the mogul told O’Day, “You have great beauty and great intelligence… You’re going to have a fantastic career,” are ultimately she was fired. Now Aiken and Hall have to duke it out against each other. The two were then tasked with putting together a celebrity charity event, and whoever does the best job will win the Celebrity Apprentice crown.Hall and Aiken have to produce, host, and sell tickets to the event — a variety show — and helping them are… past fired contestants.


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