Who got fired on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Sunday night? Read on and find out in our recap of all the drama and dish from this week’s “Puppet Up!” episode 9. Plus, find out which celebrity unleashed a nasty tirade against another player, and who broke down in tears in the boardroom!


With the teams out of balance after last week’s The Celebrity Apprentice 5 elimination of Lou Ferrigno, Team Forte has to take a member of Team Unanimous to join it. Former American Idol singer Clay Aiken is chosen to switch sides and join Dayana Mendoza, Lisa Lampanelli and Penn Jillet.. Lisa is not pleased by having to take Clay onto the team.

The teams meet with Brian Henson at FAO Schwarz and discover their challenge this week is to create original, adult puppets and perform with them in an improv show. Lisa Lampanelli is the Project Manager for Team Forte. Paul Teutul, Sr. is the Project Manager for Team Unanimous.

Paul turns out to be a rather poor Project Manager for the task and Aubrey O’Day ends up quite upset about it. Dayana, meanwhile, is upset because she is having trouble figuring out what to do with herself. Lisa does not want to hear antyhing from Dayana, who she thinks will ‘bitch and moan’ if she doesn’t get everything her way.

Penn decides to be the host of the puppet show and Lisa and Clay are chosen to work as the puppeteers. Dayana wants to be a puppeteer and act too, but Lisa says no one will understand her because her accent is too thick. Dayana thinks Lisa is disrespectful and waits to be given a task. She thinks Lisa is trying to get her fired because she won’t assign her tasks to do.

Lisa finally loses it all over Dayana and screams and gets nasty, saying that once against they had to ‘make a job’ for Dayana to do. Dayana is pissed because she thinks Lisa has no respect for anyone and no decency at all. Lisa also goes bitchy all over Penn and Clay. Clay snarkily remarks that he thinks Lisa feels threatened by Dayana’s beauty.

The drama factor on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 just seems to increase every week! For some reason it especially seems that Lisa Lampanelli just cannot keep hold of her mouth for more than 10 minutes straight without losing it and becoming a total lunatic.

Aubrey decides she needs to start being a real team player if she wants to avoid being eliminated. Paul’s back is acting up and he is worried about how it will affect his role as Project Manager. Arsenio Hall is happy with Aubrey working to be part of the team and coming up with ideas for the task.

While they are working on the puppets, Aubrey says she thinks Paul is lazy and Teresa Giudice is tacky. When they start rehearsal for the show, Paul sits around eating, which does not please his teammates. Aubrey thinks she is in the clear for the task, but her teammates should be worried.

Even with all the drama and nastiness, again, The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 judges think both teams accomplished a lot for one day. Aubrey receives praise for her setup and Arsenio also receives props. The judges think Lisa’s team got too sexual and Penn made some mistakes.

Donald Trump asks Dayana about Lisa as the Project Manager and Lisa says she was okay but not great. Trump says he didn’t think much of Lisa as the Project Manager. Lisa gets bitchy again and says Dayana always wants to be in front of the camera, which Dayana denies. Dayana is upset over Lisa’s disrespect of her team members.

Lisa tells Donald Trump that if her team loses, she will not bring back anyone. She even breaks down in tears and says she is not going to be a villain and that she became a comedian and got in the entertainment business to “make people happy” not to “make girls cry” and have everything be negative.

Paul tells Donald Trump he took the Project Manager role this week because no one else wanted it and he knew nothing about puppets. He thinks his team did well but the weak player was Teresa.

In the end, the judges decide that Lisa’s team had the better show and she wins $20,000 for her charity. Paul’s team stays in the boardroom to talk about how the team failed.

Paul says he let everyone do their own thing with the puppets they created and says Teresa did too much with her puppet. She says she had everything approved by Paul. Teresa argues that Paul should be the one fired this week because he did nothing. She tries to get Aubrey to agree with her, but Aubrey says that Paul was dealing with his injured back and he was not in his comfort zone.

Teresa counters that Paul just sat around saying F*** this and F*** that. Aubrey says that Teresa gives 100% and has a great heart, but she was also out of her comfort zone this week. Paul declares Arsenio safe for the week and lets him leave the boardroom.

When everyone goes in for the final boardroom discussion, Aubrey says she should not be in the boardroom and Paul says she did a great job. He tells Donald he would not fire her. Aubrey tells Donald she would fire Paul because Teresa did try really hard.

In the end, Donald Trump thinks that Paul should have brought Arsenio back in the boardroom instead of Aubrey. The person who got fired on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 this week is:

Paul Teutul, Sr.

That’s a wrap for our The Celebrity Apprentice recap of episode 9 this week. Come back and visit us again next Sunday!

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