The winner of The Biggest Loser 2015 will be crowned tonight, but we have an emotional ride still to go through on The Biggest Loser Season 16 finale tonight! We are down to Rob, Sonya and Toma and one of them will be walking away with a check for $250,000 and the title of winner of The Biggest Loser Glory Days! I am hoping for some svelte and healthy-looking reveals tonight. Check it out with us during our The Biggest Loser 2015 Recap tonight and see who won The Biggest Loser 2015 tonight!

The Biggest Loser 2015 Spoilers - Season 16 Finale Winner Recap

Last week on The Biggest Loser Glory Days, the contestants spent their last week on the ranch. They watched the videos of their journey on the show and I cried like a big baby. The contestants were also trained by the very pregnant Jenna Wolfe from The Today Show while Bob Harper worked out the other trainers! In the end, it was one last Red Line for the contestants to face and Woody fell below and he was eliminated, which gave us a final three of Sonya, Toma and Rob!

This will be an emotional night on The Biggest Loser 2015, but in the end Alison Sweeney will announce one of the contestants as the winner of The Biggest Loser Season 16! Our Live Recap starts soon, but in the meantime check out our predictions on who we think wins it all tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Biggest Loser 2015 Live Recap or see who won The Biggest Loser Season 16 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we see the finalists in the shadows. Is that current shadows? Sonya is looking buff! Alison Sweeney has arrived and now a look back at the journey this season. Here come the trainers and that place is pumped tonight!

Now it is time for the first three contestants to come out tonight: Damien, Emmy and Lori. They are all looking good, but no big changes from what we saw during the season. They get changed and now it is time for them to weigh-in:

  • Damien is down 92 pounds and 23.71%
  • Emmy is down 48 pounds and 18.46%
  • Lori is down 91 pounds and 30.23% and she takes the lead!

The next three contestants are Woody, Scott, Andrea and Jackie! Andrea is looking good. Scott looked good on the ranch, so he has it going on. Great speech from Scott and they head back to change for their weigh-in:

  • Woody is down 124 pounds and 31.16% and in the lead now
  • Scott is down 120 pounds and 32.79% and he takes the lead!
  • Andrea is down 70 pounds and 28.69%
  • Jackie is down 66 pounds and 22.68%

We are back with three more contestants: Zina, Chandra and Blake. Yeah, Blake is working it out tonight! Not sure about these, but Blake could be a threat to Scott! They head back to change for their weigh-in:

  • Zina is down 37 pounds and 14.07%
  • Chandra is down 71 pounds and 20.82%
  • Blake is down 97 pounds and 38.65% and she takes the lead!

The next four contestants are Mike, Gina, Vanessa and Matt. Not sure about this group either, but Matt is looking good and we can see those model qualities in him. They head back to change and here goes the weigh-in on The Biggest Loser 2015 tonight:

  • Mike is down 150 pounds and 37.59%
  • Gina is down 65 pounds and 26.86%
  • Vanessa is down 67 pounds and 18.31%
  • Matt is down 155 pounds and 40.16% and he takes the lead!

The next three contestants are JJ, Rondalee and Jordan. And wow, these three all look good, but wow on Jordan. He is a good-looking guy, as is JJ! They get changed and time for the weigh-in and to find out the at-home winner:

  • JJ is down 167 pounds and 42.60% and he takes the lead!
  • Rondalee is down 93 pounds and 33.21%
  • Jordan is down 143 pounds and 44.27%

With that being said, the at-home winner for The Biggest Loser Season 16 is Jordan and he takes $100,000 home to his new baby!

During the season, people submitted videos of their comeback stories for Subway. The trainers now introduce us to some of them and they kicked some major butt! Jared from Subway is also in attendance and he surprised the three special guests with free Subway for a year!!!

Now it is time to finally meet the three finalists on The Biggest Loser 2015 finale: Sonya, Rob and Toma!!! Sonya is out first and she is looking good and looking so happy! Rob is next and WOW! He looks so good and I am so happy for him and Sonya is cheering him on and I love seeing it. Toma is the last one out and he looks great and he is such a good-looking guys!

Before heading back to change for the weigh-in, we watch a video of the trainers heading out to Kohl’s and buying the finalists some stuff to keep them on the right path. Could they namedrop the products any more there??? They have changed and time for the weigh-in tonight:

  • Sonya is down 144 pounds and 50.88%
  • Rob is down 238 pounds and 49.28%
  • Toma is down 171 pounds

With that being said, the winner of The Biggest Loser 2015 is Toma and he won it by one pound! What do you think of the results on The Biggest Loser Season 16 tonight?

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