It is wild to think it, but the winner of The Biggest Loser 2015 will be crowned tonight after the final three contestants on The Biggest Loser Season 16 have spent months working on their bodies and minds. All that hard work will pay off big time for one of them, as they walk away with $250,000 tonight and the title of Biggest Loser 2015 winner! So, who wins The Biggest Loser Season 16 tonight? Find out our thoughts below in our The Biggest Loser 2015 predictions!

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The Biggest Loser 2015 Spoilers - Finale Predictions

Last week on The Biggest Loser Glory Days, the contestants spent their last week on the ranch. They watched the videos of their journey on the show and I cried like a big baby. The contestants were also trained by the very pregnant Jenna Wolfe from The Today Show while Bob Harper worked out the other trainers! In the end, it was one last Red Line for the contestants to face and Woody fell below and he was eliminated, which gave us a final three of Sonya, Toma and Rob!

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So, I am torn on this one. I have wanted to root for Rob all season long, but then he goes into one of his crazy temper tantrums and he loses me. It looked like it could have clicked last week, so maybe he will come back to the finale tonight a completely changed man? Out of the three, he probably had the most weight still to work off, so that could be a benefit to him. Sonya has been the biggest loser for weeks now, so she is a threat to win it. Toma has been right there with her and I am thinking he is going to push by her and get the victory tonight!

Who do you think will win tonight on The Biggest Loser 2015?

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