Danni on The Biggest Loser 2013 has been fighting for survival as the only remaining member of the White Team and working out with Jillian Michaels all on her own, but tonight the teams are disassembled and it is everybody on their own at the weigh-ins, so Danni can breath a little easier now. The final eight contestants will not have anyone to depend on but themselves, so who will be eliminated on The Biggest Loser Season 14? Find out during my The Biggest Loser 2013 Recap tonight!

The Biggest Loser - Season 14

Last week on The Biggest Loser 2013, we saw the trainers roll the dice to find out which member of their team would be representing them at the weigh-in. Only one person’s weight loss (or gain) would matter, so the pressure was on for everyone. With Joe getting picked for the Red Team and Jeff for the Blue Team, it looked like Danni was in for a fight with these heavyweights. She held her own and Jeff, with his small weight loss, was the low man and the Blue Team suffered their first loss. Even though David had lost a very nice amount of weight with a bum knee, his teammates were worried about how dangerous he could be with that knee getting healthier and they sent him home on The Biggest Loser: Challenge America.

Tonight, the teams fight for visits from the family members and the winner of the challenge not only gets an advantage at the weigh-in, but they can give a friend an advantage too. This is where things could get dirty on The Biggest Loser 2013!

Here we go…they start out with Alison Sweeney meeting them in the to tell them they will be individuals now and it is Yellow Line time at the weigh-in, so the two people below the yellow line will be voted on by the other players to see who goes home…alliances have started!

The players then meet Alison and they are in a room filled with candies and chocolates and cakes and cupcakes! Happy Valentine’s Day players! The person who eats the most calories will get a two-pound advantage for themselves and a friend. The problem is that they are eating all those calories for a two-pound advantage. The challenge will be done in the dark, so no one knows what the other players are doing. Would you eat the treats?

The ten minutes start and Alex and Francelina start mowing down. Joe is holding strong and knows he can lose ten pounds. Michael sits down to take a stand and he is not eating. Danni lays down and does some crunches, since you might as well get a workout in. Jeff eats some to get into the game, but then Gina is not eating anything because she is diabetic, but everyone thinks she is downing food and she is playing them!

The time runs out and Jeff ate 270 calories, Francelina ate 1150 calories and Alex ate 1036 calories. She feels it is a huge advantage, but are those calories too much to lose. Francelina gives the two-pound advantage to Alex.

The trainers talk with the child contestants and Jillian puts Sunny in a Bollywood dance class and Bob gets Biingo a tryout for the youth baseball team and Dolvett gets Lindsay a practice with the cheerleading squad.

Time for the first singles workout and the contestants meet the trainers and tell them the bad news about the temptation challenge. Dolvett takes Michael and Gina to workout with, Jillian takes Francelina, Alex and Jeff and Bob takes Joe, Danni and Jackson.

Jillian is ready to make the girls work off those calories they ate and it is funny that the three she took are the three that all ate the sweets! Bob wants Jackson to lose a ton of weight, seeming he only lost one pound. Dolvett keeps pushing Michael, who thinks he is tired. Dolvett pushes him and pushes him and Michael has a breakthrough and has gained some confidence.

Back to Jillian and she is riding Jeff hardcore and he is not having it and he is about to go off on her, but will she finally breakthrough with him on The Biggest Loser 2013? After the workout, Jillian goes in and talks with Jeff and he said he has learned to shut his feelings off. He said that he has never cried when his dad died because he had to be strong for his mother. He was only 17 years old and that is where all these issues come from.

Sunny can’t dance Bollywood, Lindsay cheers and Biingo gets the boot off.

It is time for the singles challenge and the winner of this challenge gets to bring one family member to the ranch for 24 hours, but then get to choose another player to enjoy their family member as well.  The challenge is to run to the spotlight and the last one there loses. They will do it until three people left and in that round the first person to the spotlight wins.

Gina loses the first round and she is out. Jackson is out the second round. Michael is out the third round. Jeff is out the fourth round. Alex is out the fifth round. The last round and Danni wins the challenge! She shares the love with Gina, which gets me crying. Then Danni said she got enough with her letter from her Dad last week, so she gives her chance to Michael so he can bring his wife there, which I am officially a mess now! How nice of Danni!

The tears don’t stop anytime soon, as Gina’s husband arrives and Michael’s wife with their baby! I am a big ol’ mess…anyone else?

Time for the Last Chance Workout and everyone is working out with everyone. While running up the hill, Alex forgot her jump rope and must go back and get it and that pisses her off. Bob is over her attitude. Gina is worried yet again and Dolvett tells her that the worry outweighs the joy and she has lost the highest percentage of weight here and she is the oldest person here.

Weigh-in time for The Biggest Loser 2013: Francelina lost 4 pounds plus the 2-pound advantage, so a total of 2.76%; Alex lost 6 pounds plus the 2-pound advantage, so a total of 3.92%; Danni lost 6 pounds and 2.90%; Joe lost 12 pounds and 4.12%; Jeff lost 11 pounds and 3.41%; Gina lost 9 pounds and 4.66%; Jackson lost 13 pounds and 4.66%; Michael lost 10 pounds and 2.75%. That means Michael and Francelina are below the yellow line and one of them will go home.

Who would you vote for? I would vote for Francelina because Michael needs this more!

If there is a tie then the person with the lower percentage will go home and that would be Michael. They all vote: Danni voted for Michael, Alex voted for Francelina, Gina voted for Michael, Jeff voted for Michael and he is eliminated from The Biggest Loser 2013.

Are you shocked?

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