The first thing I noticed about Ali Fedotowsky, this season’s Bachelorette, was she had her hair down and was NOT wearing yellow.  Hmmmm perhaps her stylist said enough’s enough lol.   

Tonight we got our first look at the bachelors seeking Ali’s heart and they were all about making themselves stand out.  Seriously some of these guys made me wonder if they had ever even been on a date. 

First we have Frank and Ali seem to like him but I didn’t much get the whole I moved back in with my parents so I can write screenplays thing.  How is he going to support her if she does choose him in the end?  Is she going to live with his parents as well or is it going to be Ali bringing home the bacon so he can go after his dreams? He popped out of the top of the limo so I’m sure that stood out in Ali’s mind because she just seems like that type who wants people to go to certain lengths to grab her attention.  He does get a rose so we will be seeing more of this one.

Another guy Jason gets out on the wrong side of the limo and jumps on top of it and does a backflip.  I thought that was pretty cool but Ali must have thought it was a little much because he doesn’t get a rose.

After the guys are all in the house I realize we have 3 Chris’s, 2 John’s and a Jonathan, 2 Tyler’s and a Ty, and 2 Craig’s.  Geez can we get some people with the same name on the show?  Do they think it’s easier for the viewing audience to remember?  Confusion all around at least for me.

Everyone’s in the house drinking their favorite alchoholic beverage and fighting for some alone time with Ali.  Here comes all the cheesy gifts and songs and you all know how it is.  Kirk made her a scrapbook of himself with his family and the things he likes to do.  He said he spent 8 hours on it but it looked more like 8 minutes.  Does it really take that long to cut and spread on some glue?  Not impessed with this one.

I liked Hunter who played the Ukelele because it was a made up funny song and I love humor.  He wasn’t cheesy and it made her laugh so two thumbs up for that.

She gets a gold fish hook from a moutain man who doesn’t receive a rose.  Craig R. gave her a yellow sneaker key chain that she seems to just love and he keeps the other one in hopes they can pair them up.  SIGH! Can we get anymore sappy?  Of course we can!  Jesse made a two piece heart with a jigsaw and 2 guys gave her fake roses when they got out of the car.   Roberto teaches her to salsa dance and he receives the first impression rose. 

Derrick tells Ali why he is called Shooter and it’s not because he’s good with a gun.  How about a story from his freshman year in college where he prematurely ejaculated.  What a complete moron!  You’re on national tv where millions are going to watch.  What in the hell are you thinking dude!  Thank God he didn’t receive a rose.

The most hated man in the house is Rated R Justin and yes Rated R is he wrestling name.  This guy is a douche but I don’t think Ali can see past his muscular body and his good looks.  He gets the vast majority of votes when Chris Harrison has the bachelors write down the name of the guy they think is there for the wrong reasons.  You’d think she would take the hint but no she takes him outside and lo and behold comes back in and gives him a rose much to the dislike of practically everyone there. 

Receiving a rose tonight in the first Rose Ceremony are:

Jesse, Ty, Craig R., Tyler B., Frank, Steve, Chris L., Kirk, John C., Chris N., Chris H., Hunter, Craig M., Jonathan and Kasey.  Did you notice all three Chris’s made the cut and the two Craig’s?

My favorite based on tonight is Chris L.  He seemed genuine and even though his mom had passed away he didn’t tell Ali about in order to gain sympathy which I like a lot.  He said he wanted her first impression to be about him.

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