We have seen some wild episodes of The Bachelorette 2015 this season and every week is a cliffhanger, including last week on The Bachelorette Season 11, but who goes home tonight on The Bachelorette 2015? Find out those Week 7 results on The Bachelorette 2015 tonight below in our The Bachelorette 2015 spoilers!

The Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers - Week 7 Results

Last week on The Bachelorette Season 11, we wrapped things up in San Antonio and saw the drama unfold between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ian Thomson. Once that was done, it was time for the Rose Ceremony and Kaitlyn sent home Justin and Joshua. Then it was time to head to Dublin, where the first date went to Nick Viall and it ended with them sleeping together in her suite! This was the focus of the show, as we saw a group date and Jared get the group date rose, which left Shawn Booth questioning, yet again, their relationship. The show ended with Shawn going to her hotel room to discuss things, but discuss what???

[SPOILERS: Click here to find out the Season 11 winner!]

For tonight, I am not sure what happens between Kaitlyn and Shawn, but it is enough to keep him around on the show. Kaitlyn then has the 2-on-1 date with Joe Bailey and JJ Lane and I am sure I will be ticked with how JJ acts on that one, but happy when it is Joe that gets the rose and JJ is sent home from the date!

I think we are going to have a big blowup with Kaitlyn sleeping with Nick and the guys finding out, but we should get to the Rose Ceremony tonight and Kaitlyn sends home two more guys: Tanner Tolbert and Ben Zorn, which surprises me because I put him in her Top 5 Guys last week!

To sum it up, here are the guys leaving during Week 7 on The Bachelorette 2015:

  • JJ Lane
  • Tanner Tolbert
  • Ben Zorn

And here is a closer look at the guys, in case you can’t remember them:

Click on image for full view

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