Time to take a break from all the drama on The Bachelorette 2015 regular season to bring you drama in another form, as The Men Tell All on The Bachelorette Season 11 tonight! Yes, we are one week away from finding out the winner of The Bachelorette 2015 and that means a break in the action and time for the eliminated guys to confront Kaitlyn Bristowe on this season. Check out the Men Tell All with us during our The Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers Recap tonight!


Last week on The Bachelorette Season 11, we wrapped up the Overnight Dates and saw Shawn Booth and Ben Higgins both get some alone time with Kaitlyn. The episode consisted of more drama between Nick Viall and Shawn, which I am sick of talking about. The Rose Ceremony happened and it was Ben H. getting sent home and leaving us with the Final 2 of Nick and Shawn. From there, they flew to Utah and Kaitlyn had Family Visits with both of the guys’ families. She had a great time with both of them and was left torn, as we head into the finale next week!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelorette 2015, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on The Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers Recap or find out who was eliminated on The Bachelorette Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…since this is the Men Tell All, why not start with a sneak peek at Bachelor in Paradise Season 2? Yeah, that’s what we got tonight.

We start with a look back at the season and some of the highlights. We start with Ian and his comments about Kaitlyn and the guys. Tanner said Ian never gave them a chance. He said the way he went out is disrespectful to the guys and Kaitlyn. Corey defends Ian’s thoughts on Kaitlyn being the Bachelorette. Now we have Ian head out front and he gets down on his knees and apologizes to the men and Kaitlyn and hopes that humility will show how sincere his apology is.

Now to Clint. Corey is talking again and he said they were pompous and arrogant. He said he didn’t come on the show to make friends. They never excluded anyone. JJ comes in to defend him and said they should be bashing him too. JJ just keeps making the hole deeper.

Kupah brings up Nick and him coming. It gets a little tense, as Josh made a good point and saying that she said she sees her husband in the room, but then Nick came later. If she had those feelings, then don’t make that statement.

JJ – He is the first one to take the Hot Seat tonight. He said he regrets his wording on the night Clint left. Jared said JJ is like a fine wine. Corey babbles some more and I am so annoyed by him. He said his biggest regret is acting like he was with his buddies back at home. He will be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2.

BEN Z. – He gets a really good edit for a possible next Bachelor! He said he was blindsided the night he didn’t get a rose. He said the group date in Ireland and the wake date was something that put up those walls again. Chris Harrison said it was supposed to be a fun day (yeah, a wake date sounds so fun)! He said he still hasn’t cried.

JARED – He said it is not hard falling in love with Kaitlyn and she is pretty amazing. He said it is hard watching the show back and coming home. He said he thinks about Kaitlyn, but he is moving on. Chris gives him props for shaving off the patchy beard. He will be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 also.

BEN H. – He does feel like her could be unlovable. He said he has a lot of love and respect for Kaitlyn to this day and she just had more feelings for two other guys. He said overhearing the conversation with Kaitlyn and Shawn and telling him that he is the one did set him back. In the end, he did feel like he grow from it.

Kaitlyn has arrived and Chris starts out with addressing social media and the backlash she has gotten this season. She said it bothers her, but she hates that it affects her family too. Chris Harrison reads some tweets and messages to her. They are some nasty messages and it is terrible. I feel bad for Kaitlyn and that was just wrong.

Time for the guys to talk to Kaitlyn. Jared is first and not much going on there. Ben H. asks about her telling Shawn about sleeping with Nick, but no one else. She stumbles with her reasoning, as she said she had to be honest with him and in their relationship. Now we bring up the Nick joining the show and the men are mixed on this one and it just goes in circles.

Ryan M., the drunk guy, apologizes for his actions on Night 1. She asked Clint why he didn’t treat her like he did JJ. Ian gives her a letter to apologize and gives a nice speech and she appreciates it and accepts his apology.

The best part of the night on The Bachelorette 2015 tonight: the bloopers! They had some good ones tonight! We see the sneak peek look at the finale again, so no real new spoilers there!

What do you think of tonight’s show?

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