The rumors have been rampant about Colton Underwood and who he picks as the winner of The Bachelor 2019! It appears that things might not be going his way on The Bachelor Season 23, as we reported yesterday! However, it looks like it will all work out in the end for Colton and The Bachelor Season 23 winner? Find out the details in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers below!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Season 23 Winner - Colton Underwood

Monday night on The Bachelor 2019, it was the Hometown Dates and it was a search for Colton to get the blessing from each and every father. Two notable things happened during these hometown dates, which both involved Cassie. She was the only woman that didn’t tell Colton that she was either in love with or falling in love with him, which upset him. Also, her father was the only father to not give his blessing for Colton to propose. Despite all of that, Cassie got a rose and Colton ended up sending Caelynn home!

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So, the Reality Steve spoilers have been correct, but not all the full details and ending is a little different from what we have reported in the past. He gave updated spoilers this week and things are about to get real interesting!

You can read through more details here, but basically Colton goes on his overnight date with Tayshia next week. Then it’s Cassie’s turn and they have the day portion, her dad comes to Portugal and scares her, so Cassie questions things with Colton and quits the show! Colton jumps a fence and appears to quit also!

However, he comes to the States and hunts down Cassie and they chat it out and appear to work it out. He says he doesn’t need an engagement at the end of it all and she is the one for him, he knows it. She seems to think she loves him, but not in love with him yet. So, they agree to continue dating and that would make her the winner of The Bachelor 2019!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Cassie Randolph Quits The Show

So, how long until Cassie and Colton call it quits once the Bachelor Finale airs?

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