It looks like we are in for a lot of firsts tonight on The Bachelor 2015, as this sneak peek look at The Bachelor Season 19 premiere below. Besides seeing Chris Soules as The Bachelor 2015, we also get to see the first kiss, the first shocker and the first live premiere??? Yup, host Chris Harrison will be bringing up the premiere of The Bachelor Season 19 with a live studio audience watching it with him! Get all the details below in our The Bachelor spoilers 2015!

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After a season of Juan Pablo as The Bachelor, I am thinking ABC is hoping to bring some new life and new love back to the show. Juan Pablo was quite a character and that whole season drove me insane. He was so full of himself and I am thinking we are going to get the complete opposite with Chris Soules. I was not exactly pumped with the decision to have Chris as the new bachelor, but I will make due with it!

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It seems like ABC is trying to mix things up a little bit, especially with even more women for Chris to choose from. We also won’t see all the traveling like in previous seasons, which makes me think Chris is in it for his future wife and wants to see if they connect while not living in some fantasy world. Check out a sneak peek look at The Bachelor 2015 premiere tonight right here:

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Now check out a sneak peek video into the new season of The Bachelor here:

The Bachelor 2015 kicks off with a three-hour premiere tonight on ABC at 8/7c.

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