It is time for The Bachelor 2015 to get a fresh new start, as Chris Soules debuts as The Bachelor Season 19 and our The Bachelor spoilers 2015 are making it look like we could be in for an exciting season. However, ABC always tries to make it look like an exciting season. At least we don’t have to hear Juan-uary for the entire month, right? Check out the premiere tonight with us during our The Bachelor Spoilers 2015 Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2015 tonight!


After a season of Juan Pablo as The Bachelor, I am thinking ABC is hoping to bring some new life and new love back to the show. Juan Pablo was quite a character and that whole season drove me insane. He was so full of himself and I am thinking we are going to get the complete opposite with Chris Soules. I was not exactly pumped with the decision to have Chris as the new bachelor, but I will make due with it! Now we get to see Chris meet the 30 women vying for that final rose from him and to be his future wife!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2015 premiere, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor Spoilers 2015 Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we are live and we have a red carpet and some familiar faces on it! Time to meet Chris Soules, as he rides up on his motorcycle. How fake did that scene look? Then it is farm time! Time for some family time and he has a very close family, which is nice to see, but something you would predict with the farming town. He then spends some time talking the farm and he worked out with Cody Sattler to beef up for the season.

This red carpet is beyond stupid and it is not about the show! We now talk to Sean & Catherine, which no one is shocked they are there. They said they are boring and married now, which is nice to see. Kids are on their radar and Sean likes to say they are practicing! He said maybe 2016 a baby will pop out.

More wasting of time, as we see some small clips on some of the women. Then visit with Andi & Josh and Desiree & Chris. I guess we have a lot of Chris’ that come on or are a part of the show, huh? They are both engaged and Des & Chris will be getting married in a few weeks!

Now we move to Juan Pablo and Nikki and she talks about their relationship and they tried to make it work, but they have broken up! Yup, we all saw this coming. She said she thinks he was in love with her at some point, but it was too late!

We finally have arrived at The Bachelor 2015 premiere! Chris arrives in Los Angeles and we see him shirtless and showering. Isn’t that how this always goes? He will be living in a house right next to the mansion! Let’s bring on the limos!


  • Britt – She is a cutie and they hug for a long time and she seems to be crying? I like her and she gives him something and says he has to promise to come find her, which is for a free hug.
  • Whitney – She has a chipmunk voice, but very pretty.
  • Kelsey – She seems fake, but pretty.
  • Megan – He is loving her blue eyes.
  • Ashley I. – Struggling in her dress to walk. She seems a little intense.


  • Trina – She is excited to see him and I may like her.
  • Reegan – She brings a biohazard cooler with her. She sells human tissue for a living and pretends there is a heart in there….flop of a joke.
  • Tara – She comes in shorts, a flannel and boots, as she says this is her style! The women are shocked to see her and she starts drinking it up! She goes to change and let the drinking begin!
  • Amber – She brings a teddy bear with her, as it is a comfort.
  • Nikki – She just flew her from Peru
  • Tara sneaks into the limo and meets him in her new attire.


  • The next one has the limo driver give Chris a note, but what does it say??? It is Amanda, but he has to close his eyes and turn his back. Like he was a secret admirer last season to Andi, she is going to keep it a secret for now on who she is. I like that!
  • Jillian – She asks if he has been working out and they share touching each other’s muscles.
  • Mackenzie – She seems like a sweetheart and a normal girl.
  • Ashley S. – She found a lucky penny at the airport and normally puts it in her shoe, but instead she put it in his shoe.
  • Kaitlyn – She said she heard he was a farmer and he can plow her field any day! Um, awkward!

Chris Harrison comes up and tells him to head inside! Um, that is only 15 women! The women are not sure what is going on and missing their lipstick! Kaitlyn wants to tell another joke to lighten the mood, but Chris wants to do his speech first.

Time to chat with some women, as Britt is up first and she gets her free hug (and he has to keep it). She said she is a small town girl, so she is working it. When she leaves, it seems like they were going to kiss! More time for talking, but the women are all concerned about there only being 15 women there! Chris Harrison comes in and he has the first impression rose!

Whitney is up next and she is kissing his butt big time. She is pretty, but her voice is so annoying. Chris said he is excited about her. Nikki found a heart stone in Peru and gave it to him for this journey. Chris then realizes he has not met his secret admirer, so he goes searching for her. It is then time to creepily focus on Amanda’s eyes. In comes Chris and he steals Chris away (this is going to be a long season with both names). Well, here comes the other women on The Bachelor Season 19!


  • Samantha – She is gorgeous, but the focus is on the women not happy to see more women.
  • Michelle – She says Chris is a babe.
  • Juelia – He thinks she is gorgeous
  • Becca – He says she is adorable and loves her dress
  • Tandra – She comes in riding a motorcycle!


  • Alissa – She is a flight attendant, so she brings a seat belt to keep him safe on this bumpy ride.
  • Jordan – She brings whiskey with her to calm his nerves.
  • Nicole – Um, she is wearing a pig nose? She is hamming it up for him!
  • Brittany – She is wearing a tacky dress and so short and it is ridiculous.
  • Carly – She comes out singing a song for him and it is cheesy.


  • Tracy – She is a fourth-grade teacher and brought notes from her students.
  • Bo – He thinks she is beautiful
  • Kimberly – Very excited to meet him and he is overwhelmed
  • Kara – She thinks they would make the cutest babies
  • Jade – She seems like a normal, cute girl and I am liking her.

We are now done, as Chris Harrison comes out and all 30 women have arrived! Chris comes in again to the mansion and he says he is officially overwhelmed and time for another speech! Time to chat with the women now, especially since he has 30 of them to chat with! One has two children. Kaitlyn is teaching him dance moves.

The women are getting aggressive and the stealing of his time is happening over and over again! The girls are panicking that have not talked to him. Go talk and stop bitching! We see Tara throwing down even more whiskey, so she is turning into a hot mess!

Ashley S. is a hot mess and she may be drunk…or just crazy! She picks a yellow rose and gives it to Brittany to steal away Chris from her. She is nuts! He paints with Mackenzie. Tara is a hot mess and needs to put her booty shorts back on. She admits she is a trainwreck, but then takes another drink. Mackenzie is an idiot! He chats with Jade and I am loving her and she seems so down-to-earth. We go all the way back to the beginning, as Chris gives out the first impression rose and it goes to Britt and he also gives her his first kiss of the season!

Chris Harrison comes in and it is time to steal Chris away for the Rose Ceremony! Who do you think is going home?

ROSE CEREMONY: This is going to be interesting to see and see how many he hands out, but here we go:

  • Kaitlyn (plowing her fields worked)
  • Jade (love her)
  • Samantha
  • Ashley I.
  • Tandra
  • Nikki
  • Kelsey
  • Megan
  • Alyssa
  • Amber
  • Juelia
  • Becca
  • Trina

We then see Tara being a hot mess and stumbling and breathing heavy, yawning and rubbing her hands. Chris is not amused. He leaves and tells Chris Harrison he was going to pick her, but now he is not sure! He leaves it up to him, so back to Chris handing out roses:

  • Mackenzie
  • Tracy
  • Tara (the drunky gets one)
  • Jordan
  • Jillian
  • Whitney
  • Carly
  • Ashley S.

So, leaving tonight are Nicole (pig nose), Amanda (secret admirer), Kara, Kimberly, Reegan, Michelle, Brittany and Bo. Kimberly is not having it though, as she comes back in to talk to Chris and pulls him outside….and that is where it ends! We have to wait until next week to see what she says and what happens!

What did you think of The Bachelor 2015 premiere tonight?

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