While we saw an extended look at The Bachelor Season 18 after The Bachelor 2014 premiere this week and it seemed to show The Bachelor Juan Pablo kissing quite a few girls, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison says it is different and Juan Pablo may shock us all this season! It seems we may have more of a lover and romantic on our hands and not a guy who is looking to party it up with the women on The Bachelor 2014! Chris Harrison spoke with Entertainment Weekly and gives us some The Bachelor spoilers 2014 below!


So, when speaking with Entertainment WeeklyChris Harrison was asked about the season and what to expect from Juan Pablo and he said we may be shocked at the number of women he kisses:

”I think people have this perception of this Latin lothario, and he definitely has that air about him — the confidence. But it’s really his Venezuelan culture that you’re gonna see a lot more. He’s a very family-oriented guy. He never really acts without thinking about that, so you’re not gonna see this crazy, drinking, partying Latin guy. He’s definitely a lover, he’s definitely a romantic, but you definitely see a different side than I think most people are expecting.”

Well, the preview of the season seemed to show Juan Pablo kissing quite a few of the ladies, so either the preview showed all of the kissing total or Chris Harrison participated in a different season than he is talking about? I guess we’ll see as things heat up and Juan Pablo goes on his first dates with the ladies next week on The Bachelor 2014!

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