Tonight on The Bachelor 2013 is the night many fans of The Bachelor anxiously await all season for, as the women on The Bachelor Season 17 return to confront Sean Lowe about his actions this season and The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers are making it look like this one is going to be good. We have to wait one more week to see who gets that final rose from Sean on The Bachelor 2013 Finale, but sit back and watch the drama unfold with me tonight during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers Recap!

The Bachelor Sean Lowe

All the women that you have loved or hated all season long on The Bachelor 2013 return to sit down and talk with host Chris Harrison about their departure from the show, relationships with the other women in the house and so on. The claws will come out, so prepare yourselves.

Here is the thing: for the most part, it seems like the women this season got along really well. Yes, Tierra LiCausi brought some major drama into the house, but besides her was there really anyone that seemed to get into a fight with each other? Yeah, there was Amanda, but I think she was just a little crazy and seemed angry all the time, which annoyed people, but she never caused a whole lot of drama.

I think that is what made this season of The Bachelor bearable. Once Sean sent Tierra home, I was somewhat okay with all of the remaining women winning. AshLee Frazier then got a little too needy and mentioned the abandonment thing one too many times for me, but she got alone with all the ladies. Let’s see how that works out tonight during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers Recap for the Women Tell All special!

Here we go…things start out watching Chris and Sean take a bus and crash some Bachelor viewing parties. Is this necessary?

We are back in the studio and we have 17 of the women in the studio right now and now time to look back at the season and the women. Chris starts things off by saying how they all got along very well, but was that because they all had one common enemy: Tierra? AshLee said the fall down the steps was fake and the hypothermia was fake, but Brooke calls them all and said it is all about seizing the moment and they are jealous of her.

Robyn said that she may have spent too much time on the drama with Tierra and should have focused on Sean more. Tierra comes out when we return…she comes out and Chris asks for them to give her a chance to speak.

She said she has a joy and people tend to judge her too fast and she felt she had a target on her back from that rose she got from Sean out of the limo. Side note: she is wearing a ring on her wedding finger! She said she didn’t want to be friends with them and she was focused on the prize at the end. Tierra said she felt women were rude to her and she was ganged up on. Chris asked if she would like to apologize for anything she did on The Bachelor 2013 and she said no.

The ladies get to respond now and Robyn said she is delusional, Jackie said she was there to be fake and show Sean a good face. Selma said she helped Tierra and Tierra agreed, but she felt that everyone in the house was talking about Tierra and they weren’t. The consensus is she never said good morning to them and Brooke says it right: Tierra set the tone and she didn’t want to be friends with them all, so stick to her conviction.

Now the battle between AshLee and Tierra and St. Croix and she felt that AshLee kept pushing the topic. To sum it up, Lesley M. said that Tierra made her own cot and deserved it. Tierra said she came in scared and didn’t know how to handle it and she guesses she handled it wrong and she apologizes for that. Tierra admits that she is engaged to someone she previously dated and said they needed the separation and when she got back they rekindled things.

Now time for Sarah Herron to take the hot seat on The Bachelor 2013. She said that she thought that he could be the one for her. She said she keeps getting this same line from guys and it’s the worst to be told you’re great, but not for me. Is she the next Bachelorette?

Desiree Hartsock takes the hot seat now. She said she felt like they had a natural chemistry the other girls couldn’t surpass. She said she loves her brother and he was being protective and he certainly didn’t help. She said she didn’t expect to fall for Sean and that was a huge surprise to her. Or will Desiree be the new Bachelorette?

AshLee Frazier’s turn now. She said she is a reserved person and don’t dive in like that and she fell in love. She said Sean kept telling her that she was going to meet his family and be best friends with his sister. It took her a while, but she is not in love with him any more.

The man of the hour has arrived: The Bachelor Sean Lowe. AshLee asked him what happened? He said he wanted to find his best friend and fill their home with laughter and at times he felt like he couldn’t find that laughter. It killed him to say goodbye to her. The fact that he didn’t come back and check on her after he sent her home hurt her more.  AshLee says that Sean said that he did not have feelings for the other women twice to her??? What? Sean denies it and said he would not say that, but she says she is not making that up and it is awkward silence. She says he did say it and on the record, he said he did not say it.

We get a behind-the-scenes look at AshLee and Sean talking and they both are sticking to their stories, but nothing is resolved. He said he must have said something that led her to believe it and apologized. He said he made the right decision for him and Desiree.

Some bloopers to waste some time…lame! They are actually funny and I wish they showed them on the show!

We end The Bachelor 2013 Women Tell All special with a look at the final two women. Who is your pick to win The Bachelor Season 17?

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