Tonight is a huge night on The Bachelor 2013, as The Bachelor Sean Lowe will have overnight dates with the final three women and send one of them home before The Bachelor Season 17 Finale. We all know before that finale comes the Women Tell All Special, which happened to be taped last week and we have some The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers on what went down!

Bachelor 2013 Women

Rumors floated around that Tierra LiCausi would not show up for the taping, but you know that girl is going to eat up as much camera time possible, so she was in attendance!

The women and Sean will talk about how things went down this season on The Bachelor 2013. Desiree Hartsock and Sarah Herron will talk about their devastation of being sent home. The woman Sean sends home tonight on The Bachelor Season 17 will be there and she will not be happy. She even will throw some allegations toward Sean, which may not end pretty!

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison told USA Today: “They didn’t get catty. This is a very respectful, good group.”

So, they all got along? Well, sort of. They did until Tierra showed up! The women were not afraid to confront her on her actions during The Bachelor 2013 and she tries to find ways to defend herself. The big question on everyone’s mind is her alleged engagement. Well, Chris Harrison asked her about it, but you have to watch to find out that answer!

The Bachelor: Women Tell All special will air next Monday, March 4 at 8/7c.

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