In The Bachelor 2013 two-night event, we saw The Bachelor Sean Lowe take the women and himself to Montana to see if any of the girls are the outdoorsy type, like himself. It turned into a night of drama on The Bachelor 2013 and he left Montana not being so sure if his future wife was in this group of women. Many wanted to see Tierra LiCausi go home, but instead Robyn Howard was eliminated on The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers and find out why he sent Robyn Howard home!


While everyone at home was hoping and praying that Sean would take that rose back from Tierra and instead send her home, that was not the case. In a shocking elimination, he sent Robyn home instead, but why?

Sean blogs for People magazine and said: “The decision to send Robyn home wasn’t easy because I truly enjoyed our time together, but I also knew that we didn’t share the same chemistry that I had in my other relationships. I had no idea that she had gotten into a fight with Tierra and I definitely didn’t send her home because I thought she created drama. It simply came down to chemistry.”

Where is said chemistry with Tierra than? He just seems to keep her around because he feels bad for her, or is he told to keep her around to keep drama in the house on The Bachelor Season 17?

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