Tierra LiCausi is the one girl that everyone loves to hate on The Bachelor 2013, but in these new The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers it looks like AshLee Frazier finally tells Sean Lowe the truth about Tierra and how she is when he is not around on The Bachelor Season 17! Will this hurt or help the case of AshLee on The Bachelor 2013? Check out The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoiler video below!


Sean keeps saying he wants to get to the bottom of it where Tierra is concerned, but then he doesn’t want any of the women to bring drama to the table. How can they tell him about Tierra, but then stay out of the drama and talking about each other that he doesn’t want?

AshLee comes out and tells him how she feels about Tierra, but will that hurt her in the end at the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2013? Check out the clip here:

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