There was a sigh of relief across the country this week when Tierra LiCausi was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013, but The Bachelor Sean Lowe said she is a good person, but then proceeds to rip on her in these new The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers. It is a double-edged sword when it comes to what Sean said, but can you blame him for how crazy Tierra acted on The Bachelor Season 17?


In his blog for People magazine, Sean talked about his time with Tierra and how he truly felt about her during their time in St. Croix on The Bachelor 2013.

After their one-on-one date, he said: “She was always kind when she was with me, and I wanted to believe that the drama was circumstantial and that once she wasn’t around a bunch of girls dating the same guy, she would be drama-free. I still ended the evening with questions, but remembering that my connection with Tierra was strong.”

How strong though? Not very because after giving her the boot, he said: “I still believe Tierra has more good in her than people see, but I also recognize that she doesn’t have the maturity or social skills necessary to make it on The Bachelor.”

So, he said she has more good in her than people see, but proceeded to call her immature with no social skills? I may just like this Sean guy after all!

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