This week The Bachelor Sean Lowe and the final six of The Bachelor 2013 women remaining make their way to St. Croix for some fun in the sun and we have some The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers with some pictures of Tierra LiCausi and Sean Lowe on their first one-on-one date! If she annoys you already, get ready for it to get a lot worse on this episode of The Bachelor Season 17!


We have to see a one-on-one date between Sean Lowe and Tierra LiCausi, but he changes that up this week on The Bachelor 2013. Will she survive the date or will her true colors finally come shining through for him to see?

It seems Sean confronts Tierra about her behavior and how the other girls all seem to not like her, but Tierra being Tierra is not sorry or unapologetic about it and I’m quite sure blames the other women.

She must survive the date, but then is worried about getting a hometown date with The Bachelor Sean Lowe, so to secure her spot in the final four she divulges some information to Sean, which she thinks will help her case. So far, divulging information to Sean seems to hurt their case so let’s pray that he sends Tierra home as well!

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