If you are watching The Bachelor 2013, then you have probably grown to hate Tierra LiCausi like the rest of the world, including the other The Bachelor 2013 women. Selma Alameri spoke to reporters regarding this season of The Bachelor Sean Lowe and of course Tierra was brought up. So, what did Selma Alameri have to say about Tierra LiCausi on The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers?


We all see that Tierra is fake, but why didn’t The Bachelor Sean Lowe see that? Selma said: “Tierra was so good at switching it on and off. She’s got him so fooled. He didn’t live with us or see her daily. She was a completely different person with him.”

Those crocodile tears last week that got her the rose from Sean made me want to slap Tierra even more, but it didn’t help her case with the other The Bachelor 2013 ladies: “Tierra was definitely the black sheep. She just doesn’t know how to get along with other girls. Not everybody can handle dating a man with other women – it’s harder than you realize – but you signed up for this so don’t take it out on us. I was like, ‘Lady, hide your crazy for a little bit.’”


Well Selma, it isn’t also a reality. What guy out there dates 25 women at one time? I know there are probably guys that would love to do it, but in real reality that does not happen. You all signed up to get the exposure on television because we all know that they don’t find love on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, right?

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