The Bachelor 2013 took a week off of announcing who won The Bachelor Season 17 to show us the Women Tell All special, where the women of The Bachelor 2013 got a chance to confront Sean Lowe on things that went down this season and AshLee Frazier threw out some wild accusations last night on The Bachelor 2013 and Sean addresses those accusations in these The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers!

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers - AshLee

First of all, AshLee claims that Sean told her that he had no feelings for the other two women while they were on their overnight date together. Of course, this is when no cameras were on them, so no video to prove it. To me, this just makes AshLee look like a crazy person.

All season long Sean has been saying he has feelings for these women, including women that left before AshLee did. Do you know think him and Desiree Hartsock had something? Well, Sean blogs for People magazine regarding his time as The Bachelor and we all know he hates his character being questioned…ugh.

Here are Sean’s thoughts on it: “Let me set the record straight – I never said that. I would never say that. It just doesn’t make sense. Of course I had feelings for the other two women. That’s been apparent for weeks! And not only did I have feelings for them, I was falling in love with them. I even had feelings for women like Des and Leslie, who weren’t even there anymore. In that moment on WTA, I felt like it was an attack on my character, so I began to get defensive. I was so stunned by the accusation that I was speechless.”

Are you Team Sean or Team AshLee?

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