The Bachelor 2013 women made their way to St. Croix last night with The Bachelor Sean Lowe and two of the remaining six women would be leaving the island very upset women. They are one step away from getting home dates with Sean Lowe on The Bachelor Season 17, but who would get those home dates and would be eliminated on The Bachelor 2013? Lesley Murphy was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 last night, but only because she didn’t open up and share her love for Sean with him.


Sean Lowe blogs for People magazine and he talked more about his relationship with Lesley Murphy:

“Our date was fun, but I needed more than fun. I desperately wanted to see her open up emotionally and allow me to see her true feelings, but that never happened. I was shocked to hear her say on TV that she loved me, and I was left confused as to why she didn’t tell me that during our date. Had she told me, it could have changed everything.”

Do you think Lesley Murphy would still be there if she would have told Sean she was falling in love with him?

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