If one thing is for certain during the first two episodes of The Bachelor 2013, I think we can expect some wild things to happen with The Bachelor Sean Lowe and you never know what he is going to do next! He hands out roses early and to people we thought would definitely be eliminated on The Bachelor 2013. Kacie Boguskie surprised even Sean when she arrived in her own private limo on The Bachelor Season 17 premiere, but will she make it out of the “friend zone” and spark an interest with The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers?

We all know that Kacie B. lost out during her season with The Bachelor Ben Flajnik, but after meeting The Bachelor Sean Lowe at some events last summer and becoming friends Kacie decided that she had a little crush on Sean and wanted it to be more than friends. Sean never knew this and was blown away when Kacie got out of the limo during The Bachelor 2013 premiere.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison talked about the second episode and mentioned his thoughts on Kacie B. and her chances with The Bachelor Sean Lowe. He said: “Kacie got the rose on this date and did manage to make it out of the friend zone, but she’s not out of the woods yet. Sean is still skeptical of this whole thing and she’s got some work to do before she totally earns Sean’s trust.”

After seeing a preview for tomorrow night’s episode, I think Kacie may have ruined those chances! Do you think she will make it far with these The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers going around?

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