After weeks of dates, tears and The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers we have finally arrived at the night that puts that all to rest and we find out who won The Bachelor 2013 on The Bachelor Season 17 Finale! We have one more night with Sean Lowe as The Bachelor and Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter have one more chance to impress Sean and his family before he makes his final decision on who to give the final rose to! It is a huge night for Bachelor Nation, so come watch with us during our The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers Recap and see who wins The Bachelor Season 17 with us!

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers - Finale

The final two women on The Bachelor 2013 will remain in Thailand, but Sean’s family will join them. Could you imagine meeting the family of a guy that you’ve known for a few weeks and have really only gone on a date for a few times?

It should be an interesting two hours with a proposal at the end of it? Then we have the After the Final Rose special immediately after. Prepare yourself for three hours of The Bachelor Sean Lowe tonight starting at 8/7c, so come back then!

Here we go…it looks like we are live and Chris Harrison comes out to get this three-hour event started! A Bachelor first that could make for a romantic moment?

His family has arrived and they will meet Catherine first, but Sean’s mom is nervous about his decision and tells him if there will be a proposal then he must know in his head before, but he is not sure.

Catherine arrives and she is super nervous to meet everyone. She impresses her dad with the fact she played football in sixth grade, but then his mom pulls her aside to do some private talking….oooohhhhh! Catherine is very strong with her answers and no nerves, so I think she is scoring some major points.Mom says she is relieved after meeting Catherine. His dad said that he would be her biggest cheerleader if Sean picked her and I think Catherine just scored some huge points with Sean and how well she did with the family. Do you agree?

Another day and Lindsay has arrived to meet the family on The Bachelor 2013. The family gives Lindsay a hard time about the wedding dress, but it was all in fun and they loved it. Sean’s dad pulls her aside and another sweet moment with him and they both are brought to tears. Can Lindsay please win?

Sean’s mom loves Lindsay and thinks Sean and her values line up, so that is a good thing. The day comes to an end for Lindsay and it just seems like the families loved them both, so who knows what way they will tell Sean to go. I am over it!

Time for Sean to sit down with his family and discuss the two women, who they said they loved them both and said they would fit in nicely, but his mom said he needs to put a lot of thought into it and he doesn’t need to propose if it isn’t in his heart and he doesn’t feel completely confident on one of them. He said he just wants her support and she starts crying and she just wants him to be sure about it. His family takes off and now it is up to Sean to make his finale decision about these two women on The Bachelor Season 17!

Sean heads out to meet Lindsay for their final date on The Bachelor 2013. He wants clarity with the two girls and hoping these dates help out. They go out on a raft and explore the country and enjoy some champagne. They are cute together and joke around a lot and I think that is key in a relationship. Also, how dirty is that damn water they are going through? She tells him she really, really loves him and he replies with I know you do. Is that okay ladies?

The night portion of their date and Sean comes over to Lindsay’s room and she knows she has to convince him how much she wants this with him. She has a surprise for Sean and they light and send out three lanterns that in Thailand you wish for and the wish will come true. It is a nice moment, but will her wishes come true?

While Sean may be falling in love with Lindsay and she may be the one he still has his date with Catherine and he is falling in love with her. He wants to see a sign today to help him make the decision. I guess they will be taking a tour of Thailand, but by riding an elephant. She is so excited, but would you be? They spend some time talking and she is excited for the future and their engagement parties and everything that is to come. She said that it fits and what they have is real, but she needs to let Sean know that she sees them growing old together.

Time for their alone time in the room and she knows this is a huge night for her and Sean. He said the day was one of the coolest days of his life. She says she is worried about being emotional for no reason and he said it isn’t for no reason and he thinks about her all the time (well, when he isn’t thinking about Lindsay right)? She says she sees it no other way of it ending than her accepting his proposal, but will that be the way it ends? She ends the night by telling him that she loves him. Did that just seal the deal for her? She said it was a horrible goodbye and she feels like shit!

It took and hour and a half, but we finally have a shirtless Sean Lowe, so he fulfills his contract with ABC. He looks back and thinks over the final two women. It is his big day and he thinks he could marry both of these women and have successful lives. He said he woke up and he knew who he could not live without, but who is it? The jeweler arrives and he picks out a ring to use to propose, but who will it be to???

The women get ready to meet Sean, but they are both nervous and not knowing who will get chosen. They are both wrecks, but wouldn’t you be too?

After a moment with Chris Harrison and talking to some of the rejected women from the season, we are back to Sean and having to breakup with one of the women and he is a mess!

The car comes up with the woman who Sean will reject and out comes….Lindsay! Does that mean Catherine is the winner of The Bachelor 2013??? Even though he wants to give her his heart, his heart is going in another direction and he has to send her home. He is doing some heavy breathing and she is holding strong, but then they both break down crying. He says he loves her, but it sucks.She says she is happy he found love, but she can’t imagine her live without him and she will have to figure that out.

Chris then comes in and gives a letter to Sean from Catherine, but what does it say??? All it says is how she loves him and wants him…so lame!

Catherine arrives and here is the big moment folks! Blah, blah, blah…you never seize to amaze me…blah, blah, blah…I never want to say goodbye to you….blah, blah, blah…I want to spend the rest of my life with you and he gets on a knee and opens that box to some major bling and proposes and she says yes!

After the Final Rose Special

Here are the highlights:

  • Chris Harrison is excited he never has to see Sean naked
  • Sean has no reason to give Lindsay other than the fact that he was falling in love with Catherine
  • Lindsay wanted to be with Sean, but she is happy for him
  • Sean knew after the one-on-one date with Lindsay that Catherine was the one for him
  • Lindsay = Classy lady
  • Catherine loves Sean with all her heart
  • She is everything that Sean ever wanted
  • Catherine said she always gave Sean notes and the letter was just a more serious one
  • They are just going to hold hands and be in love
  • Sean cries watching the proposal back and no tears from Catherine (when will the breakup happen)?
  • Chris Harrison may have said it was a beautiful proposal 1,000 times
  • No date set, but ABC will cover their wedding
  • The Bachelorette 2013 officially was named and it will be Desiree Hartsock!

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