The Bachelor 2013 is down to the final three women and The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers are taking us to Thailand tonight for the overnight dates and a chance for the final three women on The Bachelor Season 17 to spend the night in the fantasy suites with Sean. Will they all get invitations from Sean? And will they all accept? Find out tonight during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers Live Recap and see who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013!

Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers

Last week on The Bachelor 2013, it was hometown dates for Sean Lowe and they were filled with some major drama, including the Rose Ceremony. Sean was stuck in a hard place, not knowing to send home either Catherine Giudici or Desiree Hartsock. He took some more time at the Rose Ceremony to think it through and despite Desiree trying to apologize for her brother’s actions during the hometown date, Sean decided to send Desiree home and maybe send her off to being the next Bachelorette?

Tonight is it for these final three women. If they want to make it to The Bachelor 2013 Finale, then they have one final chance to impress Sean. Catherine Giudici, AshLee Frazier and Lindsay Yenter are headed to Thailand with Sean and will each get to spend a full day (and maybe night) with The Bachelor. Invitations will be handed out to spend the night in the fantasy suite with Sean (no cameras allowed), but will they accept those invitations? Who will Sean pick as the final two women on The Bachelor 2013?

Here we go…Sean takes the boat while in Thailand and we are getting things started tonight on The Bachelor 2013! We start by taking a look back at the relationships he has with all three of the women. He is geeky and Catherine is geeky and he likes that. AshLee has a big heart. Lindsay was crazy for wearing the dress on the first night and he almost sent her home, but then he pictured him and Lindsay being married.

Lindsay is the first date in Thailand and they are up for some new things. They ride in a little buggy to the Si Kao Market and on the way she said she won’t eat a bug, but do other adventurous things. We’ll see about that tonight!

They come across the lady selling bugs and start eating away: bugs and grasshoppers. Sounds like a fun date, huh? Sean feels he is with his high school sweetheart and he is loving it.

Beach time and bikini time and they makeout and feed some monkeys and Lindsay wants to tell him she loves him, but is scared of getting hurt.

Dinner time and they are surrounded by these bright floats and flowers and candles and it is beyond romantic. Are you loving it? They talk about being engaged and buying a house together and she comes close to telling him that she loves him and stops herself every time. She was about to and then some dancers come in and ruin the moment!

The invitation for the fantasy suite comes out and Lindsay accepts it! They head there and share a romantic glass of champagne and she finally tells him she loves him and he said he loves hearing her say that. Why does he not have to tell them he loves them, but if they don’t he can send them home?

Time to get annoyed, as it is AshLee’s date. Get ready for her to say how much she loves him and is the man of her dreams and blah blah! They have a romantic beach setup, but they have to swim through a cave to get there. Hey, did you know that AshLee was abandoned as a child and she can’t let go of control because of it and she can’t trust people? They seem to remind us every time!

They make it through the cave with no issues, but is anyone shocked? If Sean proposed today, AshLee said she would say yes. The day must have been lame, because we skip to dinner on a romantic beach. They talk marriage and apparently AshLee has a brain fart because she said she is glad she waited to get married, but what about that time in high school?

Time for that awkward moment on The Bachelor Sean Lowe, as he gives her the overnight date card. They talk about it and he said he just wants to talk and she accepts…what??? They respect each other and are on the same page…puke again. She then tells him her ring size and the ring that she wants…did that just hurt her chances?

The last date of the night on The Bachelor 2013 and it is with Catehrine. She wants him to know she can be silly, but can be serious too. Sean sees her as a best friend, but he sees their lives as the most different of the three girls remaining. She eases his mind with talking about marriage and she is ready to settle down. They then backflip off the boat and do some snorkeling.

Dinner time and does anyone else want to see Catherine get a makeover? He asks where they would be in five years and she said married and with a kid, hopefully. He tells her that he can see himself marrying her. He gives her the fantasy suite card and she accepts.

It is elimination day on The Bachelor Season 17 and Sean said he woke up and knew exactly who he is going to be sending home. He sits down with The Bachelor Chris Harrison to discuss the three women and the hard decision he has to make. Chris then asks about his wife being here and Sean said she is there and he will get down on one knee!

The three final women on The Bachelor Sean Lowe have left video messages for Sean to watch before the Rose Ceremony! The women arrive as Sean privately watches their video messages. AshLee becomes a hot mess in her video, so it is going to be rough when he sends her home, right?

It is the final Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2013: the first rose goes to Lindsay and the second rose goes to Catherine. That means AshLee is eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 and she does not look happy with Sean. She walks out and does not say good bye to the girls.

Sean stops her and wants her to have closure and explains his reasoning, but she is over him and leaves. She is livid, but can you blame her?

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