It is time for The Bachelor Sean Lowe to do some traveling, as The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers are taking us around the country for the Hometown Dates on The Bachelor Season 17. We are down to the final four women on The Bachelor 2013 and that means it is time for Sean to meet the families of Catherine Giudici, AshLee Frazier, Lindsay Yenter and Desiree Hartsock. Tensions will get high during these hometown dates, but who will survive the cut and make the final three women? Find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers Recap tonight!

The Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe

Last week on The Bachelor 2013, it was an interesting episode as the ladies and Sean headed to St. Croix for some fun in the sun finally after being in the cold temperatures of Montana and Canada. Tierra LiCausi finally got her first one-on-one date with Sean and she seemed to ease his worries about all the drama around her…somewhat. He still had questions and brought in his sister to help him sort things out. She was never needed, as Tierra had her own meltdown and Sean was over it and sent her home. Lesley Murphy was the second woman eliminated for the night at the Rose Ceremony, which left many people shocked, including Catherine Giudici who was left crying and questioning what Sean wants in a woman.

Tonight, Sean makes his way around the United States as he meets the families of these final four women on The Bachelor 2013. Sean may fight an ex-boyfriend. He may do some drills like in the Army. He may beat up an obnoxious older brother. Don’t miss it!

Let’s get started…we start in Houston with AshLee tonight and her little dog. Does anyone else get annoyed by AshLee? She just seems so desperate and clingy and how can you love someone this quick? She makes me want to slap her, but when she yelled at Tierra last week I have to like her a little.

Time for Sean to head to AshLee’s parents to meet the family. They ask about everything they have been up to and she tells some sappy story. Her Mom says that her eyes don’t lie and AshLee is in love. Time to talk to the mom, as Sean sits down with her and she asks about his intentions. Then the Dad asks him if Sean loves her and he said it is on the horizon. The Dad gives his permission t marry his daughter if it came to that. What?

The day ends and AshLee wants to get married to this man as soon as she can, but time for him to head to the next date!

We are in Seattle now for Sean to meet Catherine and her family. They go out and catch some flying fish in some market and the people are surrounding them and taking pictures! Sean said that Catherine brings out the big kid inside of him and he loves that. She gives him some tips on impressing her Grandma, but Catherine is nervous for Sean to meet her family on The Bachelor 2013.

it is family time with Catherine on The Bachelor 2013. He is meeting her mom, grandma and two sisters. The mom makes him cook and the grandma wants to keep him for herself. Catherine talks to her sisters and they question if she is being serious about this and if she would say yes if he proposed.

The sisters then sit down with The Bachelor Sean Lowe and they tell him that she isn’t ready to have kids and a long pause and it is making Sean question things. The mom doesn’t give her blessing and now he is questioning things and he isn’t sure where the relationship is going.

The next hometown is Lindsay’s and they head to Missouri and the Army base. It is a small town and Lindsay is excited to show him her hometown on The Bachelor 2013. They go to a place she used to work and share a beer and get some cupcakes…how well do those go together? I really like Lindsay and she seems innocent and sweet. Sean is worried about meeting her general dad though. Would you be? They do some training for her to meet her dad and it is funny and cute. Can he pick Lindsay please?

They head to Lindsay’s parents house now and Sean is super nervous. Sean sits down with her Mom and she likes him and Sean can see her being a great mother-in-law. He sits down with her Dad they seem to be getting along quite well and he asks for his blessing and her dad has never been asked a tougher question, but gives his blessing as long as Lindsay says yes. Sean tells her that he can see himself in her family.

Let the drama begin, as we get to the last hometown date with Desiree on The Bachelor 2013. They are in Los Angeles and kick it off with some hiking. She said she missed him and realized she doesn’t want to miss him like that. Guess what everyone: Sean Lowe said he is an outdoorsy guy!

They head to her house and they are getting things ready for dinner. Knock, knock on door and it is her ex-boyfriend! It is awkward and he still loves her. Things get intense and she said that now that her ex is here she has to tell him something…you think? Alright, this was amazing! It was a prank to get back at her and I loved it! Did you see that coming?

Now her dad, mom and brother arrive and they discuss the time so far on the show. Her mom is happy and supportive of Sean. The parents seem to like Sean, but enter the brother. Desiree and her brother talk and he is passionate that this won’t work between them. Her brother pulls Sean aside to talk.

The second round of drama starts now, but is it real? Her brother tells him that he doesn’t see the connection from Sean. He continues in on him and calls Sean a playboy and he goes from one girl to the other, but Sean looks riled and it is just awkward when they come back to the table. Desiree tells him to stop and it is just awkward. The brother ruins the night and Sean leaves the night with Desiree worried about it all. Did she just lose Sean because of her brother?

Back at the Bachelor pad and Sean has no clue what he is going to do. He can picture himself with Lindsay and AshLee, but then has a question mark with Catherine and Desiree. He sits down with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and said he is confused and it is down to Desiree or Catherine going home.

Time for the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2013 and we have four women and three roses to hand out. Desiree stops him before he gives out the first rose and apologizes for her brother and starts crying, but will it save her?

They come back and the roses go to AshLee, Lindsay and he picks up the final rose and then puts it down and walks out of the room. Could it get any more dramatic???

He comes back and gives the final rose to Catherine, so Desiree is eliminated from The Bachelor 2013! The final plea got Sean thinking, but it was not enough and she is headed home! Your thoughts?

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