I don’t know if Canada is ready for The Bachelor Sean Lowe and his girls to arrive, but they better get ready for The Bachelor 2013 tonight. Sean Lowe and The Bachelor 2013 women will go from Montana to Canada and it is going to be some cold times ahead, which we all see apparently affects Tierra LiCausi a little bit more than the other women on The Bachelor 2013. Will Sean finally see through all the fake drama with Tierra and send her home? Find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers recap tonight.


We all saw Tierra interrupt Sean Lowe during his group date last night…a group date she was not included on. She then proceeded to win him over during her two-on-one date with Jackie, so she got the rose and everyone moaned in disgust. She is still around and kicking and caused some major drama at the cocktail party, which The Bachelor Sean Lowe happened to see. Will it finally click in his head that maybe all the women hate her because she is actually a crazy girl?

Tonight the women and Sean are headed to Canada and it looks like it will be super cold. Catherine Giudici will get her first one-on-one date with The Bachelor Sean Lowe and then we get to see Desiree Hartsock get her second date with Sean. The group date has the girls taking a polar plunge, which one of them refuses to do and Tierra gets shipped to the hospital, but for good? Find out during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers recap tonight!

The Bachelor 2013 starts at 9/8c tonight, so come back then! Here we go…there will be three dates this week in Canada, which is a group date and two one-on-one dates with roses available at each date. The girls get to their hotel and the first date card is for Catherine, which is her first one-on-one!

Where would you want to go on a one-on-one date with The Bachelor Sean Lowe? Take a snow bus to hang out on a glacier? Not my cup of tea, but that is what Catherine and Sean do and apparently Catherine is warm as long as Sean is there…ugh!

For the evening portion of the date, Sean said sometimes it just clicks and with Catherine it just clicks. Back at the hotel, the other girls get the group date card and it goes to Tierra, Sarah, Lindsay, Selma, Lesley, AshLee and Daniella. That means Desiree gets her second one-on-one date with Sean, but Daniella has yet to have one! Again, how has she even made it this far?

Meanwhile, Catherine tells some sad story from her past and Sean loves her opening up and gives her a rose. Are you even surprised? The date with Catherine has helped The Bachelor Sean Lowe after the drama in Montana and he is excited about the rest of the dates.

For the group date, the girls arrive and they start canoeing in the freezing weather. Lesley offers to go in the canoe with Sean, which is fine to me but the other girls are pissed. Of course we have to hear about Sarah and her one arm and her struggles…over it!

They then get to shore and now Sean wants them to do a Polar Plunge and must be submerged completely in the water…real smart, huh? Some of the girls are excited about the jump, but others are worried. Selma is not having any of it and tells Sean she won’t be doing it. Would you?

AshLee is worried about it, but is doing it for Sean. Tierra is worried, but gets on board. They all strip down to their bathing suits and run out and jump in and everyone does it but Selma and they are all excited about it. Then Tierra starts freaking out and has hypothermia? Yeah right, this is all in her plan and she knows what she is doing!

They rush her back to the house and she is amazingly doing better, but all wrapped up and she looks like hell. I am so over it. Does anyone think this is real on The Bachelor 2013? Sean comes in and visits Tierra and he nails it on the head…she always finds ways to spend one-on-one time with him! You said it right Sean, but he has no clue that it is true.

The six girls go out for the night portion of the group date without Tierra, because she is back at the hotel warming up and Sean told her not to push it.

The first person to get alone time with The Bachelor Sean Lowe is Lesley and they share some alone time. Sarah is next and shares some pictures of when she was younger and her family. That does scare Sean a little to think about visiting families.

Meanwhile, Tierra is getting ready and wearing heels with her “hurt feet.” She makes it to the party and Sean steals her away and the girls know she is faking it. Then he asks her if she wants a proposal and she just wants them to be happy together. Time for Sean to give out the rose and he feels they have turned a corner and it goes to Lesley and Tierra looks pissed!

The night ends and Sean is not feeling comfortable about something and he heads back to the hotel to talk to Sarah. She mentioned meeting her family and he is not feeling it, so he is sending her home! What??? He feels like he has been forcing it lately and the chemistry is not there. Can anyone else smell that? Sarah Herron as The Bachelorette 2013???

Are you ready for the one-on-one for Desiree and The Bachelor Sean Lowe? They go on top of some park and mountain and in order to go to their picnic they must repel down some 400-foot cliff. Again, why must we do all these stupid and “dangerous” dates? Do you think they make it down fine? Of course they do and she couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else! Picnic time and then they start climbing trees???

For the evening portion of their date on The Bachelor 2013, Sean and Desiree go out into the woods and a tepee is set up for them and a fire going on inside. Another sob story of a bad childhood from one of The Bachelor 2013 women. Is it a requirement that these women have shitty childhoods to be on the show? The story worked and Desiree gets a rose and Sean says he could see himself proposing to her!

It is Cocktail Party time on The Bachelor 2013 and the girls are all ready for Sean to send home Tierra, but will he? Because Selma didn’t jump in the water on their group date, she now brings out the big guns and kisses Sean on national TV even though she said she is not allowed to because of her mom!

Even though Lindsay tried to not kiss Sean during her alone time, she broke down and kissed him and he thinks she is the total package. AshLee lets him blindfold her and apparently that is a big moment in her life? Chris Harrison comes in and it is time for Sean to make his final decision and we get to see who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013! Who do you think it will be?

Time for the Rose Ceremony and Sean Lowe has already given out roses to Catherine, Desiree and Lesley. The remaining three roses go to: Lindsay, AshLee and Tierra (shoot, shoot, shoot)!!!!! That means Selma and Daniella are eliminated on The Bachelor 2013. So, how does Selma feel about that kiss now?

What do you think of the Rose Ceremony tonight?

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