Get ready for the two-night Bachelor event, as The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers take us to Montana tonight and Canada tomorrow on The Bachelor 2013. Will the ladies be able to handle the colder weather and will any of them try to push Tierra LiCausi into the snow? By the looks of The Bachelor Season 17 previews, I think Tierra does a good enough job of doing that on her own. Will Tierra survive another week or will she keep the shades over Sean’s eyes again? Find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers recap!


How about last week when The Bachelor Sean Lowe took Leslie Hughes on a one-on-one date that was reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. The sports car, the shopping on Rodeo Drive, the hooker? No, but as much fun as they had together Sean was not feeling the romantic connection with Leslie and sent her home. At least she got some diamond earrings before being sent home, right?

With the two-night even on The Bachelor 2013, we get to see Sean and the girls head to Montana and Canada tonight and tomorrow. There may be an overload of The Bachelor, but the thing that will bother me more is seeing Tierra that whole time. It looks like she goes running into the water in her bikini when it is freezing outside and needless to say, we have another ambulance trip on The Bachelor 2013! She is shaking and her makeup is running, so I think this scene went a little further than Tierra was hoping! You won’t want to miss it!

Here we go…time to start. Chris Harrison comes in to tell the ladies to pack their bags because they are headed to Montana!

The girls arrive at Whitefish Lake and are excited…for now. The first date card comes and it is a one-on-one for Lindsay! Sean comes and picks her up right away and she keeps the wedding dress off this time and they head out on a helicopter to take a tour of Glacier National Park. This is a cute date that I am a little jealous about. How about you all?

Evening time has come and it is time to learn more about Lindsay, but will she get that rose?

Back with the other women and they get the group date card for Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Lesley, Robyn and Daniella. That means Tierra and Jackie will be going on the two-on-one date, where one of them will not be coming back from the date…are we all hoping it is Tierra going home?

After Sean gives the rose to Lindsay they head to downtown for a concert with the whole town there. They dance up on some pedestal in front of everyone and it is just weird. Why are these dates so weird on The Bachelor 2013?

Group date time…it is a relay race and the women are broken up into teams of four. They will have a canoe race then buff hay then saw through a log thenthey will milk a goat. The first team done wins the competition, but they must drink the goat’s milk. Red Team: Selma, Desiree, Sarah and Robyn. Blue: AshLee, Catherine, Daniella and Lesley. The winning team gets the evening date and the losing team goes back to the lodge.

The Blue Team gets things going well in the canoe race while the Red Team is completely in the wrong direction. The Blue Team finishes, but then the Red Team catches up in the hay. Red Team gets sawing done first and start milking. The Red Team is almost done, but then the goat kicks it over. They get it filled back up and Desiree downs the goat milk and they win, so Desiree, Sarah, Selma and Robyn get the evening date with Sean! Back to the lodge for the Blue Team.

Sean thought it was too important for the Blue Team to stay at the lodge, so he is bringing them back to the party. The Red Team is pissed because they won and get nothing special out of it! Sean then steals Sarah away.

The Blue Team gets ready and Tierra is pissed the losers get to go back and she has to wait for the two-on-one. She then needs to go find Sean to see what is on his mind??? The Blue Team arrives and the other girls are not having any part of it.

Sean then does a camera interview and in walks Tierra behind him to surprise him. How the hell did she get there???

Tierra said she wants to spend some time with him and it was a slap in the face to her, even though she told the other women she was excited about it…fake much?

Desiree gets like a two second moment with Sean, but then AshLee steals him away and Desiree is upset. I was starting to like AshLee, but that turned me off to her! Jackie and Tierra get the date card and Jackie has no clue that she went and stalked down Sean on The Bachelor 2013!

Catherine gets alone time and they are connecting big time, but then Daniella is upset. She then gets her time and cries to Sean because she feels they aren’t connecting like the other girls. Time to hand out the rose and it goes to Daniella, shockingly! Would you be pissed if you were on Blue Team and a Red Team member got the rose?

Tierra and Jackie head out for their two-on-one date, but we all know how this ends right? They start by doing some horseback riding. The ride finishes and then Sean and Jackie get some alone time. Jackie tells him that Tierra was flirting with a guy at the airport and she thinks he needs to know and he seems okay with the information. Did it ruin her chances?

It is now dinner time and Jackie is feeling like Tierra will be heading home on The Bachelor 2013. Sean pulls Tierra to the side to learn some more and she lays it on thick with some sob story about her ex and being in rehab and he is dead now, but was it all a lie?

The Bachelor Sean Lowe has made a decision and the rose tonight goes to Tierra, of course! Shocked? They share a night of fireworks to end the night, but more to come right?

Time for the cocktail party and Sean is ready for the night because he has a crucial decision to make, as he has one more lady to send home. Desiree gets some alone time and makes it awkward because she tries to call out his choices with keeping Tierra, but she keeps her mouth shut and he leaves the alone time feeling confused with where things stand with her.

Tierra than wants to beat up everyone, but that is pointless because she just runs her mouth. Robyn is over it and confronts Tierra about it and how she acts at home and then how she acts on camera. Then Tierra drops a bomb, as she says the other girls are insecure and she is over it and can go out and get engaged to any guy because there are enough out there. So, why is she on The Bachelor 2013?

As Tierra and Robyn are still going at it, Sean walks by and can hear Tierra go off. Sean pulls her aside to talk to her and Tierra said they are all attacking her and she is not a drama person and she is such a nice girl. See through this bullshit Sean!

He asks Lesley the truth and she kind of says it, but not the whole truth and he is still confused with everything. Chris comes in and the cocktail party is over and time to find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor Sean Lowe!

Did Sean see the true sides of Tierra and will he take the rose back from her? Sean sits down with Chris Harrison and discusses the women and said the dynamic in the house has changed. Chris asked him if his wife is in there and he said he is not so sure, so wowser on that one!

It is Rose Ceremony time and he has six roses to hand out, after giving them to Tierra, Lindsay and Daniella already and sending Jackie home. They go to: Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah and Desiree. That means Robyn is the person who is eliminated on The Bachelor 2013! Are you surprised?

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