Tierra received the first rose from The Bachelor Sean Lowe during the premiere of The Bachelor 2013, but will she be gone during week 3? One can only hope because she is annoying me and annoying The Bachelor 2013 women and tonight she may take it to a whole new level. The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers have been out and Chris Harrison has even said that Tierra rubs the women the wrong way and it clearly is showing now. The fall, especially if it is fake, can only hurt her chances with Sean, but find out tonight during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers recap and see who was eliminated on The Bachelor Season 17!

It was first dates night last week on The Bachelor 2013 and some of them made lasting impressions, as both Sarah and Desiree won over Sean during their one-on-one dates and earned a rose before the Rose Ceremony! During the group date we got to see Kacie B. talk her way out of being just friends and earned herself a rose from Sean. During the cocktail party, Katie decided she couldn’t go through this process and dealing with the women and fighting for Sean, so she left on her own. Amanda rose to the top as being one of the most annoying and angry contestants of The Bachelor Sean Lowe’s season. She is always angry, until Sean comes around and that is enough for her to earn a rose. What will she do tonight? Find out during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers Recap and let’s watch together to see who got sent home on The Bachelor 2013.

Chris Harrison comes in to give the first date card for tonight. The first one-on-one date tonight goes to Lesley M. They head out on their date and she thinks it will be a trip. They head out to the Guinness World Records and she is not happy and different than what she expected.

Since Sean’s dad owns a Guinness Record he wants to own a record too, so him and Lesley M. will try to set the record for longest on-screen kiss. Will they beat it?

Their lips must touch the entire time and they have to do it for 3 minutes and 16 seconds to beat the record. They have the crowd cheering them on, which is just awkward, right? Two minutes in and they are going good, but both holding back the laughter. Sean feels their is chemistry there, but how can there be when the crowd is there with them? They beat the time and the record has been broken! Surprised?

Rooftop date for the night for Lesley M. and Sean Lowe and they get real close and have a good conversation, so she seems to be winning more and more points with him. They then continue the kissing on the rooftop, but this time without the crowd!

Back at the mansion, the girls get the next date card, which is a group date with Kacie B., Robyn, Leslie H., Kristy, Catherine, Desiree, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie and Tierra. Back at the one-on-one date, Sean thinks it has been great and he gives Lesley M. a rose. I like this girl and she doesn’t seem fake like most of the women on The Bachelor 2013.

Time for the group date as the 12 girls and Sean head to the beach on The Bachelor 2013. They hang out and have fun and throw the football, but the competition starts when Chris Harrison arrives. They will be playing beach volleyball and the winning team gets to continue the date, but the losing team will go back to the mansion immediately. The Blue Team: Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Desiree, Amanda and Kacie. The Red Team: Tierra, Taryn, Leslie H., Daniella, Kristy and Catherine. It was close, but the Blue Team pulls out a 21-19 win and the losing girls all have a breakdown, but I am glad Tierra lost!

The girls head to Sean’s place and Lindsay gets some alone time and I am not a fan of her, but her and Sean make out, so he likes her? Sean likes Desiree’s confidence and I like it too. How about you? The other girls get the last date card and it goes to AshLee.

Amanda gets some time with Sean, but she puts the act on for him, even though she is a bitch with the other girls. Desiree and Amanda have a little confrontation, but then Kacie gets some time with Sean and tells him they have drama and she is in the middle of it, but I don’t know how she is. Do you? He tells her she is acting like a crazy person and she needs to act like Kacie, so is she going home tonight on The Bachelor Sean Lowe? Sean gives the rose to Lindsay for the night.

AshLee is rumored to be in the Final Four, so it will be nice to see this one-on-one date with The Bachelor Sean Lowe. Before that happens, Tierra happens to fall down the steps. The paramedics come and she amazingly gets better, but then gets some alone time with Sean, as he checks to make sure she is ok. Anyone else want to slap her?

Sean and AshLess finally head out on their date, which is at Six Flags, which they have all to themselves. AshLee will have to share her date though, as two girls with chronic illnesses will be joining them. The two girls arrive and it is a special moment. To end the night, they cap the night off with a private concert with his favorite band the Eli Young Band. AshLee annoyed me at first, but I like her by the end of the date.

They end the night with some alone time and AshLee gets to tell him about her adoption and abuse as a child. The story brings Sean to tears (lame) and he gives her a rose and a kiss.

We are at the Rose Ceremony for tonight, so it is time for the cocktail party. Since Sarah didn’t get a date this week Sean decided to surprise her and brought her dog for her and she loves it. Tierra gets time with him and I continue to want to slap her. Desiree interrupts them and steals him away. She just wanted a kiss and gets it, but then Tierra comes right back to finish. That is the theme of the night, as the girls all steal him away over and over again and I am done with them all. Kacie apologizes for her actions, but wants to move forward if he does too. Chris Harrison comes in and steals The Bachelor Sean Lowe again to make his final decisions for the Rose Ceremony.

There will be 13 roses given out tonight and they go to: Lesley M., AshLee and Lindsay. He pulls Kacie aside and tells her that they are better off as friends and doesn’t want her to go through another Rose Ceremony and he sends her home! Did you see that one coming?

The next 10 roses go to: Tierra (ugh), Leslie H., Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda and Desiree. So, who was eliminated from The Bachelor 2013? Taryn and Kristy say their goodbyes!

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