Do we have more rumors about who the possible winner of The Bachelor 2013 is? The Bachelor Sean Lowe seems to think that Desiree took a front-runner spot during last night’s episode of The Bachelor Season 17. All the rumors have pointed at Catherine wins The Bachelor 2013, but an early favorite, or at least in the eyes of Sean Lowe seems to be Desiree. Who do you consider an early favorite as the winner of The Bachelor 2013 spoilers?

It was the first night of dates for Sean Lowe on The Bachelor 2013 and he had two one-on-one dates and a big group date to kick things off. He will be blogging his whole experience on The Bachelor Season 17 for People magazine and talked about the dating experiences.

Speaking of the two early favorites to win this season, Catherine and Desiree, we haven’t seen much of Catherine this season, but she is supposed to win it all. Sean talked about her a little: “Catherine also stood out in a great way. I noticed when she stepped out of the limo the first night that she was beautiful, but it wasn’t until the Harlequin date that I learned how funny she was. She slipped me a note that said she’s vegan but loves the beef, implying that I’m a beefcake. I definitely knew I wanted to spend more time with Catherine.”

But with all the rumors pointing at Catherine winning, could Desiree sneak up and steal Sean away from her? She is also rumored to be in the Final Four for The Bachelor Season 17, but it seems Desiree is a standing out to Sean: “She’s witty, sarcastic, intelligent, loving, caring and our morals seemed to line up. And not to mention, she’s so beautiful! This girl has it all. We ended the night with a very romantic dip in the hot tub and of course I gave Dez a rose. I left that date thinking that Dez might just be the one for me.”

Do you think Desiree is the one for The Bachelor Sean Lowe?

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