We all know all the drama that Tierra LiCausi is stirring up on The Bachelor 2013, but with these new The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers we get to hear what The Bachelor host Chris Harrison thinks of Tierra LiCausi on The Bachelor Season 17. Chris has seen many women and men pass through the studio while he has been host, but what does he think of Tierra on The Bachelor 2013?


We all know that all of The Bachelor 2013 women hate Tierra, but why does Sean Lowe keep her around?

Chris Harrison said in his Entertainment Weekly blog: “Yep, Tierra needed attention after the plunge into the cold waters. It’s hard to tell where the truth ends and the drama begins with Tierra, but in this case it was probably somewhere between getting back to the hotel and the time Sean crawled into bed with her to once again console her and make sure she was okay. You have to admit she’s good at pulling the wool over Sean’s eyes and getting his attention.”

How do you feel about Tierra LiCausi on The Bachelor 2013?

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