The rumors always fly around when it comes to The Bachelor 2013, but Catherine Giudici has been at the top of many lists to be the winner of The Bachelor 2013, but are The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers correct? It seems we got a first glimpse of their connection this week on their one-on-one date on Canada, but is it enough for Catherine Giudici to win The Bachelor Season 17?


Sean Lowe might think so and in his blog for People magazine, he explains that date:

I had just recently started to develop real feelings for Catherine. Our relationship was slower to develop than some of the others, but being with her felt natural. There was never a shortage of laughs, and she seemed like someone who truly fit the “best friend” description I had been searching for.”

Is it serious though between Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici? I think so, because has he said this about any other of The Bachelor 2013 women before: “The night ended with kisses in the falling snow and I didn’t want to say goodnight.”

Didn’t want to say goodnight? Hmmm…does anyone smell a future winner?

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